Boss's Day 2017 is coming up on Monday, October 16. Assuming you want to give your fearless leader a gift, now's the time to start thinking about what you'll get (so you're not scrambling at the last minute).

If you're hoping to make your boss feel truly appreciated on the holiday, think about taking a new approach to the quest for the perfect gift. Instead of reaching for the stale candy and nut mix, think about a gift that might be truly useful, meaningful, or valuable.

I reached out on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to get some feedback on what that gift might be. Here are a few ideas to consider this year:

Useful Gifts

1. Universal Tablet Stand ($17.99)

This solid walnut tablet stand from Toast holds any tablet or mobile device. For the boss that's perpetually attached to this type of device, a gift like this one gives him or her the opportunity to go hands-free throughout the day.

2. The Cabelet ($129.00)

This unisex braided leather bracelet isn't just a fashion statement: it's also an iPhone charger. If your boss is always on the last leg of device battery, this gift means a re-charge is never more than an arm's length away.

3. Orgo Travel Organizer ($44.99)

If your boss is constantly on-the-go with travel, this small, unisex travel organizer might be the right way to go. Plus, there are multiple patterns and colors to choose from that best suit your boss's preferences.

Tasty Gifts

4. Tea of the Month subscription ($60.00 for 6 months)

Have a boss that's not a coffee-drinker? You can give the gift that keeps on giving with a Tea of the Month subscription. For six or 12 months, your boss will get a new organic tea delivered every four weeks (and might even find a new favorite.)

5. Texas Bar-B-Q ($250.00)

If your boss loves all things BBQ, sets like the Weekender Package from Rudy's Country Store are a good option. Packages like this one include brisket, pork ribs, cream corn, beans and more--and you can order it to be delivered fresh right to his or her doorstep.

6. Craft beer ($6.99 and up)

If your boss just wants to relax with a craft beer, you can make that happen. Sites like Rogue allow residents of most states to order craft ales, ciders, and sodas online. If your boss is up for trying new things, you might even throw in an interesting flavor like Sriracha Hot Stout.

Meaningful Gifts

7. A Donation to a Cause Your Boss Cares About

If your boss truly doesn't want a gift, you can still show you care by making a donation in his or her name to a non-profit or cause. It's a nice gesture that benefits more than one party.

8. An Experience

If your boss is an adventurer who values experiences over material items, find an experience you can send him or her on. Maybe it's a ticket to go zip-lining or an hour-long massage.

9. Handwritten Notes to the Boss

Have each team member write a note about what they like and appreciate about the boss, and then present the stack on Boss's Day.