Growth Expert Sujan Patel, who also contributes to Inc., has sold more than 30,000 copies of his latest book and has grown his company by 900% in the last three years. And thanks to countless pieces of valuable content he's written over the past five years, he's grown to be a respected name in the world of content marketing. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about writing to drive sales.

I asked him to share his three best tips for writing and creating content that truly converts, and he graciously obliged.

KM: What are your three best tips you think anyone writing content online needs to know if they truly want to drive sales?

SP: Three things. Number one: Write for the specific audience you're addressing. So many people forget to consider the publishing platform they're using when writing, so whether it's on your own blog or in some other context, you have to think about the people you're really trying to connect with. You can't be everything to everyone and expect it to convert.

Number two: Work on writing better headlines by using a strategic approach, like testing them via Facebook ads. Writing headlines is an art form, and it takes practice. I always recommend using Facebook ads as a way to test headlines because you can see what kind of engagement you get using different angles, and that's a very data driven approach you can learn from.

Number three: Write for quality over quantity. With so much noise surrounding the volume of content being published everyday, those who stand out are the ones who are taking the time to write in-depth, long form content that truly teaches something to readers. Write to provide value, not just to hit publish.

KM: What strategies do you recommend to writers who want to improve their business writing skills?

SP: Read often, and keep practicing. Continually learning from other leaders in your niche that you admire and mirroring their approaches is a way for you to hone your writing skills, and can help you find your voice over time.

KM: What are the major writing lessons you've learned over the past year?

SP: Probably two big things. First, storytelling is huge. Think of it like reading a bedtime story to a kid at night--great writing hooks their attention because it's exciting and has an "Aha!" moment. The same goes for a business setting. People want emotion-driven content that compels them to read more.

Second, personalization is key. Sharing your personal struggles, successes, and giving real-life examples adds a special human element that helps readers get invested in what you're writing. Once I started including personal stories in my content, I saw engagement dramatically increase. For example, I now get 15+ emails a day from readers who want to reach out because something I've written has really resonated with them. This is a huge relationship-building opportunity, so for businesses and brands who are working toward higher engagement rates, this strategy works.

KM: What's the major takeaway people should know about writing that drives sales?

SP: Content is at the core of all inbound marketing tactics, so it's critical to perfect your writing skills. Keep writing, keep learning, and be strategic about how you write.