Looking for some new office gadgets and tools that will make your workday a little bit healthier? I reached out to marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs on Twitter to discover some of their favorite new office additions.

My request: I was on the hunt for items that were new to the market and aimed at health, productivity, and simplification. Those who responded had quite a few solid recommendations that you can incorporate into your workspace for more sanity and higher productivity, too.

Here are the top seven results from my unofficial survey:

1. A convertible desk.

Not everyone wants to sit or stand all day long, so having a desk that can easily switch between the two options is a good way to mix things up over the course of the workday. You can find many different options for convertible desks from companies like Flexispot, FluidStance, and UpliftDesk (to name a few.)

Beav Brodie, owner of Tactical Baby Gear, said that a convertible desk has been pivotal in his office space. "Running my own business is a dream come true, but I do wind up spending a lot of time at a desk just building that 'Dad bod'," he said. "With a convertible desk, I can at least maintain a little movement during the day so I can keep up with my daughters after I clock out."

2. A cable organizer.

Jumbled cables and cords are an instant stress-inducer. That's why some have discovered investing in a cable organizer is a wise decision. Quirky's Powercurl cable organizer is one option for the person who's tired of wrangling and wrestling with an endless unspooled tangle of cords. Made for the MacBook, this tool helps keep the power adapter's cord from unfurling into a tangled mess during transport.

3. Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Need a virtual assistant to make your workday simpler? Two options to consider are Google Home and Amazon Echo. Essentially, these voice-activated resources can act as your on-hand helper throughout the day, handling everything from scheduling appointments to answering questions.

4. A trampoline.

Yep, that's right. A trampoline. Studies show that intense exercise can result in improved concentration, lower stress levels, and even enhanced creativity--all things important to a productive workday. A mini office trampoline (found at most major sporting goods stores) can be a fun way to get in a few minutes of endorphin-pumping exercise throughout the day.

Seth Steinbach of WholeMe foods said a trampoline has been an excellent addition to his office environment. "Some of our entrepreneur friends gifted us a small trampoline to practice some 'rebounding' during meetings to help bring focus and energy to the team. At first it sounded crazy, but it's great for energy reboots. It makes people smile and is great for your general well being. Every office should have one," he said.

5. A handy phone charging dock.

Is there anything worse than a low battery notice when you need your smartphone for an important business call or email on the go? Having a reliable, always nearby charging dock makes keeping full battery simple (and visually appealing, in some cases.) Docks like Native Union's marble charging dock make this accessory an office statement piece.

6. A posture-correcting device.

Wearable tech devices that help correct posture with a small vibration or notification can help you track and correct your positioning for better back and spine support during the workday. Companies like Lumo and UprightGo both offer small, on-body devices that can help remedy "screen slouch."

7. A pull-up bar.

A door-hanging pull-up bar or hanging device puts a few minutes of quick exercise just a couple of steps away. You can get in a couple of repetitions or even just a quick hang to relieve back pressure anytime throughout the day.

Exxcel Outdoors' Marketing Manager Cory Barnes uses the Trango rock prodigy training center. He said, "We hung this above one of our office doors and it's become the new 'water cooler' as people do pull-ups on it throughout the day. In fact, we have an informal contest going to see who can do the most, with the winner getting a six-pack of beer from our local brewery."