You may not think fertility and women's health matter to your business, but pregnancy and birth is a big--and growing--business. With more couples delaying pregnancy and one in five couples having trouble conceiving, more people are looking toward the latest technology to help get pregnant, as well as to track their baby's growth, keep their kids safe, and nurse them. The fertility market alone is projected to hit $4 billion this year and more than $178 million being invested in fertility-related startups.

Here are nine up-and-coming startups and products to check out.

Modern Fertility

It's difficult finding an affordable and easily-accessible test for fertility-related hormones. Modern Fertility provides a low-cost hormone test to patients who want to test--and understand - hormones related to pregnancy, such as those that signal number of eggs, when menopause might be coming, whether egg freezing is necessary, and also provides a fertility score (fertility measurement index or FEMI) that helps people track their fertility over time. The Y-Combinator company has $1 million in funding and is backed by First Round Capital.


IVF procedures per year are poised to eclipse 400,000 by 2020. But it's hard and overwhelming to know how to make decisions about IVF and other fertility procedures, such as where to do it, what the latest research shows, and what the best practices are. FertilityIQ gives patients information on the latest fertility data and connects people to top doctors and clinics specializing in fertility solutions.


Tired of having to hold a breast pump for 20 minutes--or more--during your very minimal breaks at work? Willow is a brand new breast pump that does not have any tubes, cords or bottles to connect, but works directly into your bra so you can move around, drive, work or take care of your child while you pump milk. Thus far the company has raised over $15 million dollars. 


Worried about your newborn's breathing while she sleeps? The Owlet tracking system will alert parents to any breathing aberrations in their child. A little sock slips on the baby and measures oxygen levels and heart rates. The company's products are increasing in popularity and they have raised about $46 million so far.


Companies do not always know how to best support their employees when it comes to fertility treatments. Places like Facebook and Google are starting to offer their employees egg freezing coverage. Carrot is a startup with the aim of helping companies design fertility plans for their employees, including IVF and egg freezing coverage. Carrot Fertility has raised around $3.7 million. 


Fertility is often a huge mystery -- we do not always know what is happening in our bodies until it's too late. Glow seeks to change this by informing people about their fertility and giving them information about their bodies, sometimes well before they are trying to conceive. Glow is a fertility program and website that provides resources for getting pregnant, evaluating fertility treatments, and preserving fertility. Glow also offers a fertility tracker app that helps women know when to conceive. Glow has raised $23 million thus far.

Other up-and-coming companies to watch out for include: 

1. Egg-Q, which helps women learn about their egg supply through a blood test, and connect people to egg freezing resources if needed.

2. While women have a ton of ovulation trackers and fertility tests, the Trak Fertility test and app helps to discretely track men's sperm count and fertility over time.

3. Future Family is an online service that helps people with family planning, guiding clients through the tricky process of fertility care, while also advising on lower-cost IVF and egg freezing and giving around-the-clock nurse care.