Every startup founder has their own ways of tracking their time and managing their tasks. Though Elon Musk says "Time management doesn't matter," plenty of millionaires keep to-do lists and have tips and practices for planning their time, keeping a calendar, and chunking tasks into more manageable parts. For instance, there are a ton of online tools that support project management--from Dribble to Dropbox--and fun techniques for getting things done, whether the Pomodoro Technique or singletasking.

But some founders are going back to basics and using--wait for it--non-digital paper planners for managing their most important tasks. Because sometimes innovation is not digital, after all, research suggests that writing things down helps people remember things better than typing them out.  

Here are five different paper planners that are perfect for planning out your next project.

Erin Condren

A classic planner "book," Erin Condren's LifePlanners come in all different cover designs, or even customizable designs. The planners are covered in inspirational quotations, come with stickers, flags and other accessories can be purchased separately. Planners can choose between horizontal or vertical placements and can access tons of tips on how to use the planner on the website, or in numerous Condren fan groups.


Want something a little colorful, a little modern, and a little quirky to inspire you? The Ban.do planners come in small, medium, and large sizes and even come with a virtual reality page. The planner lets you get in touch with your inner child while planning like an adult--it has all sorts of stickers, tabs, and even a poster.

Emily Ley

The Emily Ley planner is sweet, dignified, and elegant, with just a bit of color, and a lot of charm. The planners, which sell out each year, come in a number of designs, and are simple and streamlined. If you want to keep a "keepsake" record of your first few years as a startup founder, this pretty planner even comes with a sturdy box to store all of your memories.


Want a planner with a protective leather cover? The Kikki-K planner comes in basic black and business-like, as well as sparkly iridescent. Open up the refillable planner and you will see a clean, basic layout and 18 months of undated calendar pages, to-do lists, and tabs you can customize as you see fit. Want to accessorize your planner? They also sell inspiration kits that range from kitschy to charming.

Published on: May 16, 2018
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