One of the best ways to build a personal brand is to write and publish a legitimate book. The problem is that many business people find the process overwhelming. One solution that's gaining popularity is to hire an interim CMO to help you navigate the tricky waters of book writing, publishing and promotion. 

While most people think of hiring an interim CMO as a business-only proposition, the concept can work equally well in building a personal or CEO brand.

There are five specific ways an entrepreneur or small-business person can get the most out of using a fractional CMO to build their brand as a book author. 

Create the concept.

As easy as this sounds, coming up with an idea for a book can be hard work. Deciding on the specific theories, models, research, ideas, etc., that go into forming a book is a process. An outside expert such as a fractional CMO can help you sort out the content can be an invaluable resource. 

Write the proposal.

In order to sell a nonfiction book to a publisher, or locate an agent to sell the book, a formal book proposal is required.

Think of this as a 30- to 50-page business plan for your book containing sections such as an overview, about the author, a chapter-by-chapter outline, a marketing plan, comparative books analysis and sample chapters.  

It can take upwards of three to six months to write a solid book proposal that is saleable. A project CMO who knows the book business and has successfully written book proposals can save you a great deal of time and help increase the chances that your book will be acquired. 

Secure an agent or publisher.

In today's highly competitive book publishing world, securing an agent or publisher can be a challenge. Having a dedicated consultant who has connections in the industry can short-cut the process. 

Determine the best publishing path.

Should you self-publish, traditionally publish or use a hybrid publisher for your book? The options are vast, and there are no right answers. A great deal depends on the reasons you are writing a book, the strength of your platform and your topic.

Someone who is familiar with the options and can help guide you through the choices is a gigantic time saver.  

Promote the book.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the work begins after the book is published. To be successful in publishing today, a well-thought-out book marketing plan is essential. An part time CMO can not only help you formulate an effective book marketing plan but manage its execution.

Ideally the fractional CMO you hire will have experience in PR and media placement, media coaching and social media promotion, among other areas.  

Keep in mind that even for professional writers, conceiving, writing, publishing and promoting a book always takes more than you think it will.  Hiring a little bit of help in the form of an interim CMO can help you navigate these waters just a bit easier.