You're having one of those days when nothing seems to be going right. It seems like the world is out to get you, and now you find that you've fallen into a major emotional funk.

What can you do? Resign yourself to getting crabbier and more despondent by the second -- and thus turn your bad day into a bad week?

No way. Instead, watch one (or all!) of these inspiring, feel-good TED Talks -- and prepare for your bad day to turn right around.

1. Maysoon Zayid: I Got 99 Problems ... Palsy Is Just One

On a bad day, sometimes you just desperately need some perspective. And writer, actor, and comedian Maysoon Zayid is here to give that to you.

Zayid has cerebral palsy. But she's not up on the stage to complain about it. Instead, she uses it as the basis for a hilarious and heartwarming talk about how to pick yourself up and just keep going.

Zayid may claim that she's "not inspirational." But listen to her talk and I'm sure you'll disagree.

Standout quote: "My name is Maysoon Zayid, and if I can, you can."

2. Andrew Solomon: How the Worst Moments in Our Life Make Us Who We Are

As a writer, Andrew Solomon has traveled all over the world learning of the hardships that other people face. But in his TED Talk, he also shares his own stories of overcoming adversity as a gay man.

In his moving and witty TED Talk, he provides a fitting reminder that while your bad days and your struggles may hurt, they're far from worthless -- as long as you're willing to forge meaning from them.

Standout quote: "You need to take the traumas and make them part of who you've come to be, and you need to fold the worst events of your life into a narrative of triumph, evincing a better self in response to things that hurt."

3. Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Your Friend

Is an overwhelming amount of stress what's sending your day into a downward spiral? Psychologist Kelly McGonigal's TED Talk is just what you need right now.

McGonigal's fascinating talk will challenge how you perceive stress in your life.

Research indicates that stress isn't actually all that bad for you. In fact, it's the simple act of thinking that it's bad for you that makes it harmful. So McGonigal challenges the audience to flip the script and reframe the way they think about stress -- and thus turn it into a positive.

Standout quote: "And so I would say that's really the best way to make decisions, is go after what it is that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle the stress that follows."

4. James Veitch: This Is What Happens When You Reply to Spam Email

Eager for a funny and lighthearted distraction from your crummy day? Watch writer and comedian James Veitch's TED Talk about what happened when he decided to actually respond to one of those spam emails that clutter all of our inboxes.

The results? They're sure to make you laugh -- as well as take your mind off everything else that's going on.

Standout quote: "But I'll tell you what, though, guys, I'll tell you what: Any day is a good day, any day is a good day if you receive an email that begins like this."

5. Colin Robertson: A TED Speaker's Worst Nightmare

Just feel like you need a good laugh to make it through this bad day? You're going to love watching this brief clip that perfectly captures every presenter's worst nightmare.

It starts out like any other presentation. But things take a turn quickly. And what happens is sure to put a smile on your face -- as well as remind you that even the seemingly worst things probably aren't all that bad.

Standout quote: "Solar technology is ... Oh, that's all my time? OK. Thank you very much."

We all fall victim to bad days every now and then. So when you find yourself in a foul mood, watch one of these TED Talks and you're sure to get a much-needed boost.