One of the funniest nights of my life was the time my brother, my husband, and I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time with my 70-year-old mom. Watching her face turn bright red as we explained what the very dark (and dirty) cards meant was almost as much fun as playing the game itself. By the end of the evening, all four of us were laughing so hard we were literally in tears, rolling on the floor barely able to breathe. It's no wonder the game has a cult-like following.

Now, a new game has emerged with similar rules. Called Kinderperfect, the game is geared toward parents of young children. Kinderperfect was created by D.C.-based wife-and-husband team Amy and Wayan Vota, who are parents of two children. As the marketing blurb explains, "the game allows parents to enjoy embracing humor as they share life's daily parenting moments." It is -- no surprise! -- currently one of the  "Top 100 Card Games" on the market.

In Kinderperfect, the "Parent" player reads a red Question Card out loud, and the other players submit their white Answer Cards for consideration. The Parent picks the answer they like best, and whoever's card wins that round becomes the Parent for the next round. You win by accumulating the most liked Answer Cards.

The Votas acknowledge the similarities between their game and the R-rated Cards Against Humanity. "We are fans of Cards Against Humanity, and enjoyed playing it with our friends, but felt it didn't really speak to our experiences as parents," they explain. "We started adding in our own cards, and they were so good we started playing just with them. We realized that we could make a real card deck for fellow parents, but friends insisted that we think bigger. In between fits of laughter -- trying to answer cards like 'Why is mommy mad?' or 'What's that smell?' -- they convinced us to launch the game as a full-fledged product."

The Votas created Kinderperfect as a "way to laugh at the pains of parenting," and to "create a safe space to discuss the many real challenges of raising kids." Consumer feedback on the game shows that each card inspires discussions on parenting in addition to lots of hilarity.

Are you looking for an inexpensive and fun gift for parents? This is a great pick! Warning though, as we learned giving it a test at home, this game may be about children, but it is definitely not for children!