Picture this: You're Instagramming a photo of your friends lounging on swan floats at the pool. Suddenly, SPLASH! Your phone is going for an end of summer swim! Unfortunately, because you decided earlier that the $17 Otterbox case was too annoyingly big and you rarely back up your phone, the knowledge that you've just lost all your recent photos, videos and contacts has just landed in the pit of your stomach.

If you end up with a wet phone, don't be too hard on yourself. You are just one of approximately 43,000 Americans who give their phones an inadvertent bath each week. While there's always smartphone insurance for those who have the foresight, the rest of us are left holding a very expensive wet paperweight and trying to figure out how to save it and our own sanity. The solution is not rice, or putting your phone in the oven. Instead, a new company has a technology that could easily save you $500 to $900.

Redux is a commercial-grade machine that provides a patented process to remove all moisture from wet cell phones and return them to safe working condition.

Created in 2013 by Reuben Zielinski -- a former IBM employee -- and Joel Trusty, when Joel's wife accidentally subjected her cell phone to the washing machine, the Redux technology is a cell phone saver. The two created a home version of the Redux, and when it worked, Joel's wife challenged them to turn the product into a company. "It was a blessing in disguise that her phone took a full cycle ride in the washing machine three years ago," Zielinski jokes. "Like every entrepreneur's story, the journey to get to where we are today has not been the easiest. Nonetheless, we're excited with how well Redux has taken off and are eager to see its continued success and expansion around the nation."

Redux technology is now available in 650 TCC Verizon Authorized Retailer stores throughout the U.S. With a success rate of 83.9 percent "water cure," Redux has revived thousands of phones damaged by immersion in water, beer, wine, soup and other fluids.

The revival process takes less than one hour. It uses a combination of vacuum pressure and heat to bring the wet phone back to life. Time is not of the essence, but in order to ensure a successful revive when a phone gets wet, it is vital for users to follow these steps immediately after fishing their soaked phone out of the hot tub:

DON'T plug the device in!

TURN OFF the device immediately.

REMOVE the battery (if possible).

SURF to TCCRocks.com or Redux.com to find a machine closest to you.

The good news is that if your phone survives its near drowning, it will maintain its existing life expectancy.

TCC President Omar Khan is very excited about Redux and believes the partnership has given the wireless retailer a huge advantage against competitors. "From helping save the phones of distraught individuals who thought they may have lost photos of their recently deceased mothers to rescuing a young girl's phone that fell into the river during a family kayaking trip, there's no shortage of ways Redux saves more than just phones...it saves priceless memories at a reasonable cost."

Pricing for the successful recovery of a near-death device experience is $50 for a basic phone or a data device and $90 for a smartphone, plus a $10 diagnostic fee. Compare this to $300 - $500 or more for a replacement device, and it is a gamble with good odds. So, the next time you drop your phone in the ocean, lake, pool or hot tub this summer, ditch the rice, and seek out Redux.