Does the thought of the Starbuck's "Unicorn Frappuccino" make you want to puke? Little Damage ice cream shop in Los Angeles understands. They've invented a concoction as dark as your Goth niece's eye shadow -- and people are loving it.

Jenny Damage is a USC alumna who opened her ice cream shop in January of this year. She describes herself as being "passionate about food and ice cream." She set forth with a vision of developing a "multi-cultural ice cream experience." Her vision includes a cone inspired by the Dark Lord, and the shop is justly famous for its dark ice cream and black waffle cone combinations.

The products get their distinctive black color from activated charcoal -an ingredient Damage notes is known to have a number of health benefits. The charcoal-enhanced special changes periodically. The current offering called "Black Roses" is described as "a delicious soft serve ice cream infused with rose water and (of course) activated charcoal." Damage adds, "We make up our soft serve batches fresh every morning along with the charcoal enhanced waffle cones, which are made right on-the-spot."

Although she supplied no precise figures, Damage notes, "Our black enhanced treats are selling great! People love them, and there's often a long line around the block just to get in." The midnight colored ice cream experience has been getting a lot of press, too. "It's been an overwhelming start. Our charcoal enhanced products continue to engage people's interest. That's why so many are coming out to try these unique flavors," Damage reports.

What's next for this new enterprise? "So far in this journey, it makes us happy to see people getting together, having a great time and, of course, enjoying delicious soft serve ice cream. We will definitely offer more unique flavors in the near future! Stay tuned," Damage says. In the meantime, she is proving that sometimes when it comes to design going against the grain can pay off.