Today's millennials are glued to their phones -- whether they're sending snaps to friends, posting selfies on Instagram or scouring Twitter for the latest news. However, this generation is quick to avoid actually talking on the telephone, hitting "decline" after the very first ring from parents, siblings, and yes, even recruiters.

According to a KPCB 2016 Internet Trends Report, while 29% of Gen Xers prefer the phone for business communication, that percentage drops to only 12% for Millennials. Recruiters could be facing a dearth of talent by relying solely on telephone conversations to screen applicants. Today, Millennials and Gen Xers make up over 66% of the workforce. It's time recruiters rethink their engagement strategy for finding and screening candidates.

Enter: Canvas. Launching today, Canvas is the first enterprise-grade text-based interview platform. It allows recruiters to screen more job candidates, and market employment brands. Instead of recruiters playing drawn-out games of "phone tag" with candidates, they can text them via Canvas and receive nearly instant responses. By helping recruiters with top-of-the-funnel screening via text, the platform helps create higher quality and more meaningful in-person interviews with prescreened candidates.

"In today's world, we regularly screen a potential spouse with a swipe on an app, but we're still screening most job candidates over the phone," said Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas. "The job screening process is desperately in need of an upgrade to help recruiters work more efficiently and effectively."

Using Canvas to screen job candidates offers many additional advantages to recruiters. Canvas lets users access a portfolio of interview questions that can be sent with a single click of a button. Canvas also makes recommendations for the recruiter, prompting them to send the right message at the right time to a prospective candidate. The platform allows for better consistency in company messaging, enabling recruiters to easily send employment brand information -- such as culture videos, benefits, and job descriptions -- straight to the candidate's mobile phone.

By documenting conversations and reactions in real time, Canvas also enables recruiters to easily share interview transcripts and feedback on specific candidates with peers, managers and agency clients. The transcripts feature is like video recording an interview, giving managers full visibility in order to help them make better decisions. Canvas also connects internal hiring teams with recruiters, and offers the ability to rate applicants' responses and make recommendations on the best job matches.

With Canvas, candidates receive and answer questions from recruiters via standard text messages, while recruiters have the option to use the desktop or mobile app version -- available on both iOS and Android -- to facilitate the interviews. Companies are turning to Canvas to interview a wide range of talent, from welders to engineers to salespeople. Early adopters include startups as well as Fortune 500 companies and the whole gamut in between.

Recruiting firm Aegis Worldwide, which specializes in manufacturing and engineering job placement, is already maximizing efficiency for its recruiters using Canvas. With traditional phone screening, its team of recruiters could only screen a handful of candidates each day. Since adopting Canvas, Aegis is connecting with and screening high volumes of candidates each day, while increasing the quality of candidates found, and expediting the hiring process for their clients. Recruiters have hired a wide range of talent through Canvas, from machinists making entry-level wages to engineers with salaries of more than $100,000 annually.

Today's talent economy isn't answering the phone. They're texting. Are you ready to text back?