Since 2005, famed venture capitalist and Y Combinator founder Paul Graham has advised more than 460 budding companies, including Dropbox, Airbnb, and Stripe. 

Basically, he's the man. And now even you can pick his brain. Well, sort of. 

Adnan Akil and Kevin Wu, founders of discussion platform Plasmyd, launched a new search engine called What Would Paul Graham Do. It's simple: You, enterprising entrepreneur, type in a search term and the engine pulls up relevant essays written by Graham. Some queries generate comments on Hacker News, a YC-run social news site.

For example, if you search "start-up ideas," you get 82 essays including "Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas" and "Copy What You Like." Or try "angel investors," which pulls up 21 essays including "The 18 Mistakes that Kill Startups" and "Why There Aren't More Googles."

But not every search ends in Graham's wisdom. For example, "how to grow a userbase" doesn't produce any results. 

So what does the start-up community think about the WWPGD idea?

Reactions expressed on Hacker News range from scathing to blasé. "Stop worshiping the man like he is a god. His essays are not bible scripture," one commenter said. Another joked: "It appears to work. I asked it where to go for lunch, and the first reference to lunch it found was Oren's Hummus."