The holiday season, a critical period for maximizing sales, is almost here--and according to a recent survey, a large percentage of small businesses predict this season will bring robust sales.

Of the 1,087 owners surveyed by networking site Manta, 43% said they are optimistic about increased holiday sales while 34% said they think sales will remain unchanged from last year.

While 51% expect a majority of their customers to directly purchase items from the store, 41% believe the bulk of sales will come from online orders.

"We're expecting the holidays to be busier than ever this year and I plan to use a small arsenal of online tools that I trust and that I know work for my business," said Manta client Norman Linton, owner of Kentucky-based Tees N Textiles, in a statement. "My website and online store serve as the foundation of my efforts."

When asked about the online strategies they will adopt this holiday season, a whopping 82% said they will not run promotions through discount websites like Groupon--only 3% experienced repeat customers by offering online deals.

The survey also found that the owners' stance on holiday hiring did not mirror their optimistic outlook on sales. Only 13% plan to hire holiday help. And 62% said they don’t need the help, while 25% said they can't afford extra hires.