Among the many events currently taking place as part of Social Media Week, Tumblr founder David Karp sat down Wednesday with John Bell, Global Manager of Social@Ogilvy, to chat about all things Karp--including his dog Clark, his affinity for car commercials, and best of all, his favorite Tumblr.

So what's the Tumblr founder's fave Tumblr? Drum roll... It's Humans of New York.

 “Basically this young aspiring photographer who moved to New York with this dream of taking ten thousand portraits," Karp said. "That was the dream: he wanted to take ten thousand portraits of some interesting and unbelievably mundane New Yorkers doing their regular New York stuff, or their regular weird New York stuff.”

Karp went on to describe one of his favorite posts within that Tumblr. 

 “Does anybody here know Blackwolf the Dragonmaster?....At some point you saw this guy wandering around Central Park. He’s got a dragon. He’s wearing like full wizard garb. Slender, kind of nerdy dude with a big staff…He’s usually eating a fish filet. And he’s like the coolest dude, who, he’ll like, enchant anything you want, he’s like the nicest guy ever. Just like, one of these weird characters I grew up with just always thinking like ‘that guy was cool.’”

For Karp, the Humans of New York is an example of how a community can add depth and significance to the Tumblr platform. 

“It’s become this community effort where people actually send in stories about the dude that makes them a bagel every morning who just always has a great story to tell or the dude with an epic mustache that I see walking down the street every day," he said. "They send in these stories about these people and Brandon goes, finds them takes these gorgeous portraits of them, and uploads them with that story that led him to that person.”

And, of course, Karp himself has been featured on the Tumblr.

 “[Brandon] shot me and [my dog] Clark on our motorcycle a few months ago…Clark’s there in the sidecar, my girlfriend’s holding him in the sidecar, and I’m up on top,” he said. 

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