If you're a business professional, your job easily takes up a lot of your time and your life. And if it's starting to feel like all you do is work, you may need some help managing everything.

After all, you want to take control in 2018. So, why not make it easier on yourself and use technology to help you out? High achievers use such tools all the time.

If you need help keeping your 2018 business resolutions, look no further than these five fantastic apps that help you become more efficient and organized. They'll help you succeed in achieving your 2018 resolutions.

1. Mvelopes

If you can keep track of your money, you'll have an easier time not spending it. And that's precisely the point Mvelopes makes.

Mvelopes is an online money-management and budgeting system. By separating your money into digital "envelopes," or spending categories, Mvelopes helps you track your expenses and save more money.

You can create multiple spending envelopes and get up-to-date information on your available funds. You can even link it to your bank.

2. HabitRPG

How do you combine games and business? It's easier than you may think, and it's a great way to mix-and-match fun and work. RPG stands for "role-playing game," and the app works like one. It gives you points, and you gain levels as you participate in your good habits.

As any successful business professional will tell you, good habits make for a thriving business. Using this app helps you snap out of those bad habits.

Are you spending too much money on supplies? Put that into the app. Do you check your email too much? Plug it into the HabitRPG app, and you're sure to cure your bad habits.

3. 24me

Organization: It's a scary word a lot of people don't like. It means effort and probably a vast mass of things you need to get done. If your mind and heart race at the thought of organization, you aren't going far in 2018 without some form of help. That's where the 24me app comes into play.

The app consolidates all your notes and events in one place. The app reminds you of important tasks, and even gives you access to one-click organization. You can complete tasks that require multiple steps with a minimal number of clicks. Even the app's design saves you time!

4. Interruptive

Your 2018 business resolutions may be staring you in the face and laughing at you. With all the things you need to get done, it can be easy to forget stuff. Appointments are the nastiest culprits, as they slip out of your mind. Fortunately, there is a solution to this.

Interruptive is a fantastic app that reminds you of all the things you need to do. Technically, it's a Chrome extension you can use in conjunction with programs and apps such as Google Calendar. All you need to do is put the appointment in the app, and the extension will call you near the time of your appointment.

It's a great, interactive way to remind you of your critical business events and dates.

5. Microsoft OneNote

Sticky notes can take up a ton of space in your office. Reminding yourself of every little thing in your jam-packed day gets annoying and tiring. So, how do you stay on top of everything you have to remember, yet keep a clean workspace? Using Microsoft OneNote can help.

OneNote contains a handful of different ways you can capture digital notes and integrate with multiple programs. For example, you can integrate with Microsoft Outlook and boost your project-management skills.

It's a handy app that makes your 2018 business resolutions easier to complete.

Which App Should You Use?

Try out one or more of these apps to help you stay on track and crush your business goals in 2018.

Whether you work in a small business or a large one, you can't go wrong when you use any of these apps.