Amazon's Prime Day is now in its eighth year, and there's a buffet of deals for entrepreneurs. 

The two-day sales event kicks off on July 12 this year, and while it's sure to be a huge day for small-business sales, it's also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to nab some of those cost-savings for themselves. 

Here are eight of the best deals Inc. spotted for business owners during Prime Day:

The Deal: Kerdom Ergonomic Desk Chair

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Price with discount: $89.99

Cost Savings: $110 (55 percent) 

Description: The Kerdom Ergonomic Desk Chair features a sleek design and simple adjustment at the mid-back to help you to find the most comfortable position as you hunker down to do some work. And it's no ordinary contender: The chair offers an ergonomic curve to follow the natural bend of the lower back with a padded seat for all-day comfort. It's also equipped with swivel technology and adjustable flip-up arm rests.

The Deal: Echo Dot Gen 4 

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Price with discount: $19.99

Cost Savings: $30 (60 percent)

Description: Looking to make your office smarter? Amazon's most popular speaker is on sale. Snag this speaker to amp up your office and enjoy an assist from Alexa throughout your work day. With Echo Dot, you can stream songs via Bluetooth or from other music streaming services as well as link up to Amazon's other compatible products, such as a smart plug or light bulb, to use your voice to turn on/off lights, adjust thermostats, or even turn on an office fan.

The Deal: Purell Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispenser

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Price with discount: $33.38

Cost Savings: $16.10 (33 percent)

Description: Two years ago, no one could get hand sanitizer, but nowadays, some may find they have too much of it on hand. If there's one lesson to glean from the pandemic, it's that it's better to have something than not have it at all. Keep your office fully stocked with this touch-free dispenser from Purell, which can accommodate a 1,200 mL liquid foam bottle. 

The Deal: Toshiba Canvio Advance 2TB Portable External Hard Drive 

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Price with discount: $54.99

Cost Savings: $15 (21 percent)

Description: External hard drives offer additional data storage and the peace of mind that comes from backing up one's data, but sometimes they can be costly. This drive can help prevent bad actors from accessing your data thanks to its password protection software. Those with more storage needs can upgrade to the 4 terabyte drive as well.

The Deal: Amazon Smart Thermostat

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Price with discount: $41.99

Cost Savings: $18 (30 percent)

Description: If you're looking to save on your energy usage and costs, it might be time to upgrade to a smart thermostat. Amazon's Wi-Fi enabled device allows Alexa to call the shots when it comes to naturally setting the temperature in your home or office, though users can do so themselves via the Alexa app as well. The Amazon Smart Thermostat claims to shave off $50 on your yearly energy bills. After purchase, Amazon says it will send customers more information about rebates from nearby energy providers. 

The Deal: Norton Antivirus Plus Software

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Price with discount: $14.99

Cost Savings: $35 (70 percent)

Description: Upgrade your internet security and protect one device with this Norton antivirus subscription, which offers one year of protection from emerging malware threats, including ransomware and viruses. With a password manager, smart firewall, and PC cloud backup included, ensure your device is protected in real-time from internet threats. Auto-renewal allows you to easily maintain continuity of coverage. 

The Deal: Levoit Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier 

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Price with discount: $186.99

Cost Savings: $33.00 (15 percent) 

Description: Keep your office fresh with an air purifier to combat allergens (and germs) that circulate in your workspace. This Levoit purifier uses a HEPA filter, which traps viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, and pet dander, and features an activated carbon filter that helps neutralize odors. With built-in programmability, sleep mode, and fan speeds, it allows you to create a schedule that matches your office routine. With "whisper-level" quiet, you won't hear this purifier, either. Pair it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control. 

The Deal: NewAir Compact Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

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Price with discount: $195.49

Cost Savings: $54.20 (22 percent)

Description: Spending more time in the office again? Keep it stocked with cold refreshments for lunch breaks or complimentary beverages for guests. This free-standing fridge features a glass door so you can see what's inside and holds 1.6 cubic feet or 60 12-oz. cans. The inside shelves are adjustable to fit different size cans and bottles, and this fridge has five custom "set-it-and-forget-it" temperature settings.