"Super connector" and "celebrity wrangler" may sound like fictitious superhero names, but you don't have to wear your underwear over your pants to have your own cool identity. These crazy names have become part of my unique job description, and I wear them with endless pride because they represent the twists and turns of my career path.

By leveraging my core strengths and skills and combining my backgrounds in entertainment and tech, I've molded my own brand and carved a unique career path for myself. Having been a talent producer for award shows, cause concerts, and celebrity fundraising events for three decades, I've developed a very large network, connecting musicians, actors, comedians, and tech innovators with the corporate world to create performances and campaigns.

This is just one facet of my identity as a celebrity wrangler and a super connector, but there's a thread that ties everything I do together: my skill for connecting people to create value for both parties, forming catalysts for collaboration and creating networks where amazing work can flourish. The reason I'm so in love with my work is because it all comes from my unique skill set and my own personal passions--and you can create that perfect match for yourself as well.

Here are five ways you can leverage your strengths and skills to define your unique niche:

1. Turn work into play. Work that comes from your areas of expertise and your passions will be more enjoyable. When you're able to follow your instincts, ideas flow from you organically. And when you love your work, problems become opportunities to spend time with your passions, and your workplace becomes your playground. Freedom and enjoyment will make you happier, more fulfilled, more confident, more energetic, and more productive.

2. Appreciate what you lack. When you're working from your strengths, you also become aware of the aspects of your business that you're not so skilled at or don't enjoy doing. It's important to recognize where your experience falls short, spot the learning curve, and be able to delegate or collaborate to solve the problem. That way, you can stay focused on doing what you most enjoy--and that plays to your strengths.

3. Individualize your brand. Building a winning brand is all about differentiating yourself from the competition. But how can you differentiate yourself when you're not being true to your unique strengths? Allowing your own individuality to shine through and shape your work will help your brand story stand out in a big way.

4. Collaborate powerfully. The only way to achieve powerful collaboration is to know the strengths and passions of everyone involved. If you stay true to your strengths and capitalize on them, you empower your team and colleagues to do the same. What's more, you enable yourself to find other employees with complementary skills. That way, your project can be fueled by expertise and passion, not compromise.

5. Tell the world. Once you know who you are and identify and claim it, you'll find that expressing that identity becomes easier. You'll feel more genuinely connected to those around you because you're coming from a clear and energized place where you share what you do with others. Things like social media, networking, and interviews will become more enjoyable and effective because every word you put out will be authentic and meaningful.

For me, my key strength is my network of connections. Knowing I had a passion and a talent for connecting people, I've been able to create a successful career that I love. Your new identity could be anything--your own version of the super connector or the celebrity wrangler. But above all, it has to reflect you because whether you're a "collaborator genie" or a "green-energy explorer," you've got all the makings of becoming your own unique brand of superhero.