In previous posts, I've listed numerous resources for entrepreneurs seeking female investors-from twitter handles to networking groups and blogs. Good news--the list is expanding (again). The number of resources available to help scale and grow female-founded ventures is a far cry from 2012 when I co-founded the first startup accelerator investing in mobile ventures started by women.

I'm not alone in seeing the rapidly changing landscape for female founders and women-owned businesses.

Samaya Consulting's Stephanie Goodell has also observed the proliferation of resources outside of Silicon Valley and New York City to support the launching and scaling of ventures by women. Stephanie served on the founding team of the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network. She also works closely with Springboard Enterprises and Pipeline Angels (a couple of the initiatives highlighted in prior posts). As Stephanie recently remarked to me:

"I see The Refinery's success in Connecticut and Babson's recent launch of WINlab in Miami reinforcing the trend that support for women entrepreneurs is growing in cities across the United States. These cities have leaders in the corporate world and in local government who finally realize that supporting women-led businesses creates clear economic benefits. It's an exciting time to see this progress, and we still have a lot of work to do to make sure these businesses receive funding so they can grow and create more jobs over time."

As a follow-on to my prior posts "Seeking A Female Investor? Start By Doing Your Research" and "Seeking A Female Investor? More Resources For Women Entrepreneurs" and on the first day of the 6th Annual Women's Entrepreneur Festival (WE Festival is a unique event dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs who are in the trenches of building their business) here are additional resources you should be aware of whether you're a future angel investor or tenacious entrepreneur:

SheStarts supports the growing pipeline of women founders in Boston through networking, coaching and events.

Hera Fund is an all-woman angel group in San Diego whose mission is to grow the number of woman angel investors and fund more female entrepreneurs. Not in San Diego? No matter, jump on their Google+ hangout for one of their "Conversation with Angel Investors".

Women's Startup Lab is on a mission to empower female founders to be strong leaders, to create powerful startups and to influence and shape the world though their companies, using collaboration, community and innovation. Initially started as an interest group, Women's Startup Lab is now an accelerator focused on female founders and their teams. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this non-traditional accelerator focuses on CEO development and transformative coaching in addition to company growth and network expansion.

Womena is a UAE-based angel investment group that facilitates the investment process from start to finish for high-net-worth women and seasoned investors. Additionally, they are fostering the startup ecosystem in the Middle East through their half-day educational workshops for angel investors and entrepreneurs.

Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (Babson) is advancing women in entrepreneurship through its education programs, events, and by supporting and widely disseminating research about the unique skills and experiences of women entrepreneurial leaders. Be sure to download and read their 2014/2015 Impact Report

BroadMic not just another podcast, rather one that has conversations with investors and innovators (who happen to be women) about what they do (not their gender). Founded by angel investor, Sara Weinheimer, BroadMic aims to inspire the next generation of women to think big, unleash new market opportunities, and to give them practical advice (from experienced investors and entrepreneurs who look like them).

Innovation Women is a visibility bureau for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women, connecting their talents and expertise with event managers and ending the all-male-panel problem.

Lastly, Where to Recruit Founders of Diverse Backgrounds / A Community Resource--is a Google Document overflowing with organizations supportive of women and minority founders.