Another trend continues in 2015: women pursuing their careers through entrepreneurship. Case in point: media entrepreneur, Bianca de la Garza. In 2015, the Emmy Award-nominated television host, news anchor and journalist with more than 17 years of experience as an entertainment/lifestyle and news reporter, launched Bianca, a new late-night show. New for late-night as there is a woman at the helm! Less than a year in, this entrepreneur's hustle is paying off: her ratings show enviable hockey-stick growth and this summer, Bianca aired on 20 million homes across the United States on CBS and ABC.

Fun facts from the first season of Bianca--in case you missed an episode (and the fact that there aren't just men on late night TV):

  • The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are crazy workoutaholics! The cheerleaders dance up to 4-hours a day on top of working or going to school. Squad members have to learn a dance in a day and be ready to perform it at a moments notice during a game.
  • The wonderful and late Jackie Collins shared that she was not a fan of mommy porn books. The women reading her books want to kick ass and not get their asses kicked.
  • Tom Bergeron used to be a mime - and he can still bust out a few moves...and a few are X rated.
  • Entrepreneurship tests your fortitude. For Bianca that meant drinking mezcal from a bottle with a dead scorpion in it while taping in Tulum, Mexico. Probably not the healthiest move but as Bianca knows, when you're the founder you do whatever it takes to help your startup succeed!
  • Viewers want a woman hosting late night television. Four weeks in to her first season, Bianca was second to Saturday Night Live in the New England market.

With solid ratings and national ambitions, Bianca finds she's on planes and trains as much as she's on air each week. While her show tapes in Manhattan, special guests and segments take her regularly to Los Angeles - as well as Dallas, Mexico and beyond. For this entrepreneur-on-the-road, staying organized and healthy are key to her current--and continued - success. Ready to build on her business momentum of 2015, Bianca shares her on-the-go-to resources and routine (from hotels to travel essentials):

Home Away From Home

The London in Los Angeles from it's super chill roof pool to it's great gym and handy location, makes it Bianca's go to when she's on the west coast. It also helps that the hotel has great meeting space - perfect for your next power breakfast.

A Night In

Bianca lives for room service. On her always order list: Fresh Green juice, French press coffee and The New York Times. And for the almost room-service experience when she needs to keep working late, Bianca turns to Postmates.

Recharge And Energize

A trip to the spa at The Mandarin Oriental in New York City. To stick to her workout routine on the road, Bianca asks the hotel concierge set up a trainer.

Staying healthy as a traveling CEO/entrepreneur is a challenge as much as it is a necessity. On top of her workouts 4-5 times a week, Bianca drinks lots of water and has a vegetable-heavy diet.

Go Curbside

Bianca recommends checking-in curbside. And with a tip and some courtesy, your bag will get the priority treatment and you on your way.

Count On The Concierge

At the hotel, use the concierge and not just for restaurant reservations or directions. Concierges are information sources. Bianca has relied on a hotel concierge for everything from insider guides to the city she's visiting to arranging to ship stuff home when she's off to a new destination to tape her show (and wants to lighten her carry-on load).

Keep Moving

Global Entry / TSA pre-check tops this entrepreneur's must have list. It's a huge timesaver (not to mention the convenience of not having to take off your shoes). Silvercar is her car rental app. When you're constantly on the move, every second counts.

Keep It Clean

Get the hotel to do your laundry, so when you get home there is one less thing to do after you unpack. Bianca suggests outsourcing whatever and whenever you can - without sacrificing comfort or quality.

The essentials

Bianca never leaves for a business trip without these three items:

  • Noise cancelling headphones.
  • A great tote that fits under the seat and holds everything.
  • An oversize scarf. Regularly in her bag is a grey scarf from the Stacy Todd boutique in LA that has made its way to the beach as a towel and back as a blanket on many plane trips.
Published on: Nov 16, 2015
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