With an upcoming travel schedule that starts in Aruba and ends later in this year in Perth, Australia (with Montreal, Marrakech, Berlin, Waterloo and Mexico City in between), staying organized is my top travel--and business - priority. I'm meticulous about noting booking locator numbers in my calendar and using InBox's "snooze" feature to schedule email reminders on hotel bookings or meetings to follow-up on (in addition to adding action items to my Teux-Deux list). Yes, I leverage my everyday Internet tools to stay productive whether I'm in New York City or on the road. It's what works for me (as travel is increasingly a regular part of my work week) versus downloading more specialty single purpose apps to keep one aspect of my work life in order.

Here are some of my other travel organization and survival suggestions:

  • Stay hydrated! Jetlag is exacerbated by dehydration, so skip the soda, caffeine and alcohol and pick up a bottle of spring water in the airport for the flight. For longer flights, you'll need reinforcements beyond more H2O. Returning from Auckland, New Zealand in February, I discovered 1Above a flight drink with electrolytes, B Vitamins and Pycnogenol (a natural bark extract) and now I don't fly without it. That return flight from Auckland to NYC? Zero jetlag, really.
  • Tune out! Noise cancelling headphones are the greatest invention after sliced bread (and just slightly behind the invention of powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight by the Wright brothers).
  • Time it right! With weather increasingly causing travel chaos, plan your departures according to Mother Nature. I stayed an additional evening in Jacksonville recently after speaking at the Tech Coast Conference knowing that summer thunderstorms are more likely to hit in the afternoon than in the early morning. My reward? A productive evening back at the hotel, an upgrade to business class and on-time departure the next morning.
  • Pack like a pro! Best selling author and adventurer Alison Levine is a true road warrior and packing wizard (I'd expect nothing less from someone who has scaled Mt Everest). From Alison (a traveler who never checks luggage regardless of the length of the trip) I've learned to pack that one perfect dress for multi-city itineraries. Who cares if I'm sick of seeing myself in the same thing, the people I'm seeking haven't seen me in it before! And advice from my mom friends: keep baby wipes handy, as they remove everything that could possibly get spilled on your one travel ensemble.
  • Stay powered and moving! Mobilequbes is my portable cell phone battery pack of choice. Why? Designed without cords, it doesn't interrupt how I use my phone and it keeps me moving on my way (no searching for the rare outlet in an airport or praying for in-seat power).
  • Time it right (Part 2)! New York City traffic is a beast at the best of times, and getting to the airport can be a pain regardless of the convenience of a ride hailing app during rush hour. As much as possible I default to public transit--and plan my flight times accordingly. NJ transit out of Penn Station to the Newark Skytrain or the subway to the Q70 bus to LGA. No, it definitely not the glamorous golden age of travel, but it is definitely reliable, which is all this traveler is looking for when she's trying to stay on schedule.