We are drawn to motivational quotes (this conclusion is based on my entirely unscientific observation of tweets and retweets since 2008), but what are the words of wisdom entrepreneurs work by day in and day out? What jump starts their day and focuses their energy? Since taking an active interest in my investment portfolio and becoming an angel investor in 2012, my motto has been "Invest in the Change You Want to See in the World." As someone known for her knack with networking, my regular guidance is "Stop Committing Random Acts of Networking." These words fuel how I spend my time, money, and energy.

From interviews conducted over a year, here are the daily mantras of 35 entrepreneurs to inspire you as you tackle a looming challenge or rally your energy to reach for that next big milestone:

1. "Work hard. Stay Positive. Never give up. Be a doer, not a slacker." - Grace Welch, principal/CEO of {g}Collaborative

2. "I've never tried that before, so I bet I will definitely be able to do that!" - Sofia Franzen, founder and CEO of Owegoo

3. "Don't explain or complain." - Megan Hunt, co-founder of Hello Holiday

4. "Never say never. There is always a way." - Michele Hart, mediator and divorce attorney

5. "Don't sit around worrying -- just get on with it!" - Dr. Sue Black, founder and chief evangelist of #techmums

6. "Stop thinking so much. It's okay not to know all the answers." - Krystal Stubbendeck, founder of Borrow for Your Bump

7. "Whatever it takes."--Lisa Tanner, photographer

8. "Always learn, always question, and surround yourself with passion." - Anna Lecat, Founder of Les Lunes

9. "Life is too short for a bad pen." - Christina Esterly, founder of SmartGirl Bags

10. "If you can dream it, you can do it." - Natasha Friis Saxberg, author and anchor of Tech and the City

11. "Work hard, play hard." - Kerri Couillard, founder of Babierge

12. "Fortune favors the bold." - Elizabeth Zalman, co-founder and CEO of StrongDM

13. "Every dollar matters, and fear is not an option." - Nora Gardner, CEO and creative director of Nora Gardner NYC

14. "Just do the next right thing right." - Emily Best, founder of Seed&Spark

15. "Live in the moment." - Stephnie Ballard, founder of Desire and Consequence

16. "Be brave." - Maja Svensson, founder of ELSA AND ME

17. "The water is always coldest when you first jump in." - Andrea Armstrong, founder of Turnaround Technology

18. "Blah, blah, blah." - Amy Vernon, speaker, blogger and CMO of Predictable.ly

19. "Don't take 'no' for an answer." - Cristina D'Angelo, founder of Shop Bottega

20. "You find out who your friends are when things start going seriously wrong." - Ginny Gilder, social enterprise entrepreneur, Olympian, and author

21. "You only have one life to live. No time for complacency." - Melissa Mash, founder and CEO of Dagne Dover

22. "Every day is a clean slate." - Mia Haugen, founder of VorVideo

23. "Big, brave, bold -- be gloriously, 100 percent who you are. Own it!" - Claudia Batten, co-founder of Broadli

24. "It is what it is... but I can fix that." - Cynthia Schames, founder of Abbey Post

25. "Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself." - Lori Cheek, founder and CEO of Cheekd.com

26. "Tomorrow is promised to no one." - Stefanie Mnayarji, CEO and co-founder of Luxxie Boston LLC

27. "Keep it moving." - Sian Morson, co-founder of Kollective Mobile

28. "Get out of the way" - Erica Wassinger, managing principal of ERW Public Relations, managing director and co-founder of Omaha Startup Collaborative

29. "Don't take no for an answer. 'No' today doesn't always mean 'no' tomorrow." - Brenda Coffee, founder of 1010 Park Place

30. "Nothing can be that complicated." - Mariela Dabbah, CEO and founder of Red Shoe Movement

31. "Live to leave the best possible mark in your wake." - Shahada Karim, founder of Habibi Bath & Body

32. "Onward!" - Aileen Gemma Smith, CEO of Vizalytics Technology Inc.

33. "Every day is a new opportunity!"- Melissa Gonzalez, founder of The Lion'esque Group

34. "In a world where you can be anything, be yourself." - Mariya Nurislamova, CEO and co-founder of Scentbird

35. "Learn the rules, so you know how to break them properly." - Katrina German, co-founder of OneStory.com