We often hear about the importance of a good morning routine. But if you're one of the millions looking to find an effective way to start your day off right, you might be looking in the wrong place. What you need may not be a complex or time-consuming morning routine, but a simple pre-bed task. Because how you end each day sets the stage for how you begin each day. 

Contrary to common belief, you don't need to carve an hour out of your day for meditation, journaling, or reflection. You might just need to wash up the dishes -- something two of the world's most successful people, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, both reportedly do every night before bed. 

As eyebrow-raising as the mundane duty might be for two billionaires, it's hardly out of the ordinary for any ordinary person. Yet, the trivial evening task is a powerful tool that can set the stage so that every morning is a good morning. Which, in turn, helps every day become a good day. 

What it represents is something much bigger than daily chores or normal life. It's about one thing that the most successful people are -- and it contributes to why they are successful. It's something not everyone naturally is, but something everyone is capable of becoming: disciplined. And it comes with three benefits that can be highly beneficial. 

Fall asleep faster 

Perhaps not surprisingly, stress is the leading reason why people have trouble sleeping. And while you're probably not losing sleep over dirty dishes, it is just another line item on your daunting to-do list. Because it's not just the stress of waiting to hear back on something important or thinking about a big meeting or presentation that can impede your ability to fall asleep. 

The weight of stress is often collective, consisting of a myriad of little things you need to do. By chipping away at the little things prior to bed, you are helping yourself to fall asleep faster. And for the big ticket items that can't be done within a few spare minutes? Make a to-do list -- a highly effective productivity hack

Get out of bed easier 

No one wants to wake up to face a bunch of chores, so it decreases one's motivation to get out of bed. In return, it also makes people more likely to hit the snooze button -- something that is consistently advised against, as doing so comes with a number of negative consequences

So an easy trick that will help you stop hitting the snooze button, is to simply start by doing your chores before bed. With that, you can then test out the strange secret to how the most successful people use alarm clocks (hint: It's not to wake up). 

Make mornings more enjoyable 

With chores done the night before, you'll have more time to enjoy the morning. In fact, it might help to explain how Jeff Bezos's morning routine involves "doing nothing." It's one of the many ways to boost your mood and have a relaxing morning. And when faced with a peaceful morning ahead, many would happily wake up, get out of bed, and get their day going. 

What this simple bedtime routine boils down to is how you approach decision making. Even if you're not wired like Bezos and Gates, making a habit of these trivial daily routines helps to rewire the mind. And as you train yourself to do the things you need to do as you need to do them, you help yourself effectively become more productive, efficient, and successful.