In January 2014, Rand Fishkin made the following prediction for the coming year:

Resumes listing "Content Marketing" will grow faster than either SEO or "Social Media Marketing"

A year later, we pondered whether or not Rand's prediction came true, and if so, what impact inbound marketing had on the economy. Thus, Fractl set off on a collaborative study with Moz to find the answer.

We analyzed 75,315 job listings posted on during June 2015. The data gathered from job ads contained the following terms:

Next, we combined our data with the U.S. Census Bureau population estimates and LinkedIn search results to garner the following insights.

I. The number of content marketing job listings has grown nearly 350% since 2011.

From January 2011 through January 2015, the number of job listings on Indeed containing "content marketing" or "content strategy" grew by about 350%. This increase coincides with Google's Panda update in February 2011, which changed digital marketers' focus from a high quantity of content to a high quality of content.


II. The number of profiles containing "content marketing" has seen a 168% increase since 2013.

Using our LinkedIn data combined with Rand's data, we found:

growth of marketing keywords in linkedin profiles

III. Popular job listings show a need for marketers to diversify their skill set.

As an entrepreneur, my father always called himself the "restaurant owner, chef, and bottle washer" to ingrain in me the need to have a diverse skill set and to keep my eyes on all parts of a business for it to be successful.

While "SEO specialists" were prized back in the early days of the web, the need for a broad mix of skills was required to evolve with Google's updates. This is proven by the 20 most common digital marketing-related job titles being advertised, which call for a portfolio of skills:

20 most common marketing job titles

IV. Massachusetts and New York have the highest concentration of content marketing jobs.

Given the concentration of business in the Northeast and the tech epicenter of Silicon Valley in the West it makes sense that the highest concentration of content marketing jobs are in Massachusetts (3.8 per capita), New York (3.3 per capita), and California (2.8 per capita).