Next up in my interview series is Kristin Tynski. Kristin has published viral emotions research on the Harvard Business Review, and she was interviewed by The New York Times on what makes a campaign go viral.

Explain your role at Fractl.

I'm a co-founder and SVP Creative at Fractl. I'm responsible for helping to guide the internal processes that help us create innovative content campaigns that resonate with the largest possible online audiences while also serving our clients' business goals. I also train and manage our team of content creators, helping them iterate toward the most compelling content possible.

What traits are essential in a quality content creator?

The five characteristics that we look for when hiring new content creators include:

What makes a successful piece of viral content?

The 10 characteristics of viral content include:

What is the role of content in the future of marketing?

The Internet has democratized the relationship between brands and consumers. The one-too-many approach of outbound marketing is no longer the status quo, and consumers are now demanding a higher level of engagement and value-add from the brands they become loyal to. For those who adapt to this new paradigm, the opportunities are immense.

Through the creation of compelling and related content brands can provide value and build loyalty with today's audiences while also introducing them to their product or service in a way that doesn't feel manipulative or intrusive. Content marketing also benefits from the network effects of the social Internet, allowing highly shareable content and messages to proliferate at rapid speed amongst key consumer groups. As display and other outbound techniques continue to lose efficacy--and as ad blockers and other consumer tools for eliminating intrusive or abusive ads proliferate--content marketing will continue to increase in value as one of the only sustainable methods for penetrating large markets quickly while simultaneously building brand affinity, loyalty, and product or service familiarity.

If you had to choose your three favorite content marketing campaigns, what would they be, and why?