The best quizzes have an inherent viral loop--in which people share their results, further promoting the quiz within their social network. And often times, just two elements entice someone to take a quiz: the style (as indicated by quiz title) and the subject matter.

But which kind of title and topic attract the most attention and actually persuade a person to answer the questions? Find out the answer, and you could leverage this content format to increase your brand awareness.

To learn more, we gathered some of the most-shared PlayBuzz quizzes and separated our analysis into two data sets: (1) the large set--comprised of quizzes with more than 1,000 shares each, and (2) the small set--which included quizzes with more than 100,000 shares each.

Our examination provided valuable insights into what makes certain quizzes so popular.

I. Quizzes tend to fall into three categories: personality, trivia, and guessing game.

II. Character traits and fictional characters are the most shared personality quizzes.

III. Pop culture and memory testing are the most popular trivia quizzes.

IV. One-fourth of guessing games involve presuming basic user info, like name, age, and hometown.

V. The most frequently used title words show clear trends in subject matter.

VI. Big fan bases may like to prove enthusiasm through knowledge challenges.

"Personality" is the most common word in these quiz titles, and it reflects how much people want to learn and share content about themselves and their characteristics. The appearance of "character," "movie," "song," "famous," and related words indicate major interest in pop culture and media as well. Combine any of these topics with personality, and you have a winning match.

Consider these popular themes and formats when creating your next quiz.