Do you know which day of the week drives the highest content engagement for your business vertical?

Do you know which publishers have the most engaged audience around your business vertical?

Do you know who the top 10 writers are covering the broad news in your business vertical?

If you want to secure the largest reach and engagement for your brand’s content marketing campaigns, these are important questions to know the answers to.

My team at Fractl, in conjunction with BuzzStream, set out to help you find these answers. Using BuzzSumo, we retired the sharing metrics on more than 30,000 relevant articles in five verticals: women, politics, business/finance, science, and technology. In total, these articles earned more than 58 million social shares. Next, we used BuzzSumo to retrieve the top 1,000 articles in each vertical.

Here’s what we learned:

1) Content engagement drops significantly on the weekends.

II. Facebook generates the highest engagement across all social networks in all verticals.

III. Each vertical has a diverse group of leading publishers.


Published on: Jul 10, 2015