Magnet Mount has blown up on social media following its inception in 2018 by the young entrepreneurs Cooper Weiss and Gavin Dantez.

Weiss and Dantez first envisioned the concept for Magnet Mount in January 2018 when they were evaluating the problem of distracted driving but realized how the market was flooded with bulky, inconvenient car mounts for phones. They understood that consumers were seeking highly functional and aesthetically pleasing product.

"Our products are engineered with class and simplicity in mind so that our customers are proud to own and use them every day," says Dantez.

Since the extraordinary reception that Magnet Mount received in its early stages, the entrepreneurial duo has been focusing on building the brand. With over 220,000 Instagram followers and 65,000 customers, their obsession with developing their digital brand has rapidly led to highly successful and viral luxury products amid an extension of their marketing services to other e-commerce businesses.

Mad Scientists of Digital Marketing and Brand Building

Weiss got his start in entrepreneurship in high school. He is the co-founder of Fidget 360 -- a prosperous fidget spinner product company that was the first company to start mass producing and marketing fidget spinners. He was 17 years old at the time. Now 19, Weiss is currently studying at the University of Michigan where he is focusing on several projects, primarily Magnet Mount and digital marketing.

His partner, Dantez, has been specializing in direct response marketing and copywriting for the past seven years, traveling the world to over 40 different countries and currently residing in Bali. During his travel experience, Dantez studied the world's best brands, focusing on the aspects of evolutionary psychology, NLP, behavioral response marketing, and other disciplines that drive people into action.

Together, Weiss and Dantez have emphasized branding, converting buyers to loyal customers, driving high-quality traffic, and scaling their business to meet the growing demand for Magnet Mount products. Following the initial surge in demand for Magnet Mount in January 2018 -- where they did $85,000 sales -- the duo tailored their branding campaign towards a unique methodology within social media, targeting engaging content and conversion psychology.

"People don't buy products; they buy the experiences and the new life they will have using the products. Like when someone buys a Mac, they imagine the movie of themselves how they feel when they are sitting in Starbucks with their Apple laptop. We have the same effect with Magnet Mount," says Weiss.

Magnet Mount saw 1 million website visits in their first eight months, and the company has never looked back. The company pulled in over $3 million in revenue in 2018, is on pace to double that rate this year, and has transitioned towards an innovative online marketing and brand-building model.

The company has tested thousands of ads and hundreds of videos all as part of a broader initiative to optimize and scale their brand. Weiss and Dantez even hired eight-figure mentors and attended high-end mastermind sessions to increase their exposure to various methods for growing their brand.

Their fixation on testing and optimizing in digital branding has poured over into their other businesses and clients, creating positive downstream effects that help elevate the position of companies they work with in the e-commerce space. "We have been helping e-commerce businesses brand way better, convert higher, and scale rapidly without having to go through all the trial and error we did," details Weiss.

Weiss and Dantez have become experts in digital brand marketing, and their knowledge has had profound consequences on Magnet Mount's viral success.

Magnet Mount, Digital Marketing, and Pushing Brand Innovation

Magnet Mount's product success started with millions of online video views of their original ultra vent mount. Now, the company offers a catalog of products including wireless charging car mounts, wireless chargers for homes and offices, and other luxury phone/car accessories.

The sustained success of Magnet Mount has contributed to the wisdom that Weiss and Dantez wield to assist other e-commerce brands in their efforts to scale and build loyal brand bases rapidly. Their persistent focus on experimenting with social media engagement techniques and targeting new audiences has enabled them to become specialists in the field with numerous high-end clients.

"What's unique about what we do in general is our branding and the way we use social media. We create content that's engaging and uses scientifically proven conversion psychology," says Dantez. "Conversion psychology, creating content that converts, driving high-quality traffic, positioning the brand image and online direct response marketing are focal points of our work."

Conversion psychology has developed into a highly sought after marketing tool, and Weiss and Danetz are at the leading edge of its innovation. They have formulated all of their data and experiences into their own proprietary marketing methodology.

Their background has led them to work with several prominent social media and marketing influencers as a result of their success building Magnet Mount and other businesses.

"We've reached over 38 million people on Facebook with more than 120 million impressions," details Weiss.

Weiss and Dantez have real-world experience through trial-and-error that affords them a unique position to help other businesses. They are endeavoring to build on the rapid success of Magnet Mount, focusing their efforts on continually improving their approach to digital marketing and brand development in the modern e-commerce market.