For Chipotle co-CEO Monty Moran, the key to its restaurants' success is discovering what its managers aren't doing, rather than what they are.

The fast casual executive has devised 39-point checklist of "don'ts" for its managers' quarterly review. The results provide the leaders of each Chipotle branch with tips for improvement to become "restaurateurs," a select group of managers that run the chain's best-performing branches.

Chipotle's "restaurateur" program emphasizes Moran's belief that well-managed teams run the best restaurants. The company's restaurateurs can earn more than $100,000 annually, and receive a $10,000 bonus whenever they train an employee to the level of general manager. Moran has touted the program as "the most important tool" for managerial success. "It is what I spend all of my time on," he recently told Quartz.

Here are three takeaways from Chipotle's team-building checklist:

1. Clear communication is key.

Many of the points on Moran's checklist emphasize the importance of clear dialogue between managers and employees. Items on the list include the vision of a particular branch being unclear or uninspiring, and employees being unaware of the definition of a restaurateur or a top performer. Employees being unaware of opportunities for advancement within the company is another strike against managers.

2. Proper employee training is essential.

Moran's checklist places great value on training of new and existing employees at Chipotle branches. Managers' performance reviews are negatively affected if the results show that new employees are not being given proper training and guidance in their early days with the company. The checklist also looks to see that managers are regularly meeting with their employees for one-on-one conversations.

3. Keep your employees motivated.

The evaluation also gauges the enthusiasm and commitment of employees, and checks how well their managers are succeeding at the task of inspiring them. Items on the checklist include employees not being focused on improving the performance of their fellow workers, as well as poor performers being allowed to remain on the team. On the leadership side, Chipotle evaluates whether managers are connecting with their employees to create positive work environments.