Life is filled with good days and bad. Many of the challenges I have faced and overcome provide me with the strength and comfort to manage through stressful times. Those tough days have also helped to give me perspective and make otherwise seemingly mediocre days feel awesome.

With challenge comes perspective and knowledge. Whenever I find myself learning lessons from life the hard way, I try and put that lesson into a sentence that helps me affirm a positive attitude and move forward. Below are a few of my favorites. Next time you are having a bad day or a tough week, just remind yourself of some of the uplifting thoughts below and push on.

1. Any day with positive cash flow is considered a good day.

2. In the worst of times I know my dog still loves me unconditionally.

3. If I can breathe and I can communicate, I can still accomplish just about anything.

4. The decision to be confident is mine and mine alone. No one else is required.

5. The unknown might be frightening, but it also provides the chance to learn something new.

6. Most other people are as scared or concerned as I am and often more. Ask them to share their fear so we can comfort each other.

7. I have never done anything so foolish or ridiculous that I couldn't ultimately laugh at myself and immediately feel better.

8. I have no control how long people stay in my life. But I can always improve the experience of the time we share.

9. Everything happens for a reason. My purpose is to simply make the most of what comes my way.

10. If I stick to my core values, the world will eventually sort itself out as it should.

I'll finish with a favorite quote that serves me with guidance through any challenge.

Don't fix the present, create the future!--Watts Wacker