Cold winter days can suck the pleasure right out of you. Dealing with rain and snow makes commuting a pain. By the time you get to your desk and are ready for work, you feel exhausted from the traffic and weather. Then, there is all that undressing when you arrive.

But gray days don't have to be sad days. Just try a few perk up activities and your mood will get a boost worthy of an early Spring. Here are 10 simple things you can do right away to improve the morale of you, and those around you,

1. Throw a mini-party.

You may not have the budget or time for a big shindig, but a few cupcakes and some tunes can make things festive during a 15-minute break. Just tell everyone to put the work down and bust a move. A little dancing never hurt anyone and will certainly get the endorphins flowing.

2. Buy yourself a present.

There is probably something simple you have been coveting. Buy it. go online right now and do something nice and personal for yourself. It could as simple as a nice journal or pen. Make sure you tell yourself that you deserve it. Don't wash away the joy with unnecessary guilt. Spoil yourself a little.

3. Make a card for someone.

Think about someone who deserves your appreciation. Say thank you in a way that will show them they are worth extra effort. Be creative and personalize the card so they can see how much they mean to you.

4. Have a joke fest.

Grab 2 other funny people in the office and share some jokes. Find them online or keep a book of jokes happy. Laughing releases endorphins and is infectious in groups so start sharing the pun.

5. Check out opportunities on Linkedin.

Either you are in the right work environment or you're not. See what's available online. You'll either find a new and better opportunity to excite you, or else you'll figure out you have it pretty good where you are. Either way it will improve your mood.

6. Build a snowman.

If you are on the East Coast, you just received all the raw materials you need to make a great sculpture. Somehow there is a childhood joy that comes out in adults when they play in the snow. So head outside with some office supplies and get creative.

7. Do a good deed.

Nothing brings joy more than doing something nice for someone else. You can pick a small gesture like getting coffee or helping with a project. You can set your sights bigger and help that person get a promotion or tackle a huge project. Either way, that person will send some positive feelings back your way.

8. Plan a romantic date.

It doesn't matter if you are married, involved, or single; a little romance generates happiness and excitement. Plan out the perfect evening accounting for every detail. Then find a fun way to ask out the object of your affection. A little love goes a long way for both of you.

9. Take a step toward your preferred future.

If you are feeling stuck, you need to move forward on a plan that is meaningful. Create that ideal destiny and take action, even if it's a small step. Just moving forward will boost your morale.

10. Make others feel awesome!

It doesn't take much to turn a mood around. A simple compliment can start a chain reaction that elevates the entire office. Be especially complimentary today and watch the mood level of everyone, including yourself, go through the roof.

Published on: Jan 29, 2015
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