Sometimes people get in a rut. The hours drag on, boredom making you feel like you are slogging through mud. Don't let the office blahs get you down. If you surrender to dullness and lethargy, others will follow.

The power to make each day something special is yours. But you must be responsible for your own experience. It could be you need to take a new tack in your strategy, or perhaps even a career change is required. Perhaps you just need to take a vacation.  Or maybe you need a little spark to ignite the fireworks of an otherwise blasé day.

Try these surefire starters to help make the ordinary day extraordinary.

1. Connect with a hero. Identify someone who does what you want to do, has the job you want, or is your idea of success and reach out to them. You can connect through LinkedIn or dial them directly. Set up a coffee date and start a relationship. The worse they can say is no, but so often they'll say yes.

2. Practice a random act of kindness. You may never be a beneficiary of one of these, but you do have the power to create one. Bring a co-worker coffee; help someone carry a box down the hall; take on someone else's load so they can get a break. Simply watch for a need and meet it. You'll feel great from the appreciation and improve your own karma.

3. Help a colleague grow. Share your skills and experience to help a colleague or subordinate learn something new. Give them the knowledge and insight that will improve their performance and experience. It will make their day better, and leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction. For most people teaching is fun as well.

4. Buy flowers or balloons. I don't know what it is about these items, but they seem to put smiles on faces. You can buy them for someone else to brighten their day or even for yourself. I once filled a friend's office chest high with balloons. It made for hilarity when he opened the door and 25 years later it's a great memory for both of us.

5. Set up a special lunch. Contact some interesting people, and invite them to lunch. Buy them a meal, set an agenda where you all suggest an unusual topic. Make a point to learn something new about each person. Whether you foster new relationships or just new insights, the day will have more value.

6. Daydream on purpose. Don't underestimate the value of a really detailed, intentional daydream. Big ideas, inspirations, and epiphanies can come from them. Find a quiet space and expand your thinking. Perhaps the life-changing epiphany will finally hit you and send you on the adventure of your dreams.

9. Throw a really original office party. Sometimes the celebration needs to precede the reason to bring up the spirit. It doesn't have to be expensive...but use your imagination. You can do something to support a local charity, make it black tie, or even give it a luau theme complete with Don Ho music. Just make it something other than an afterthought.

8. Make a proposal. No, I am not speaking of marriage (unless of course you are ready). But ask for something of significance that you really, really want like an opportunity, promotion, account, or partnership. Pick a date to do the asking. Do what it takes to be prepared. Be creative in your method. Make an offer that can't be refused.

9. Treat everyone to ice cream. Why wait for the International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on February 2nd? Choose a different day to surprise the office first thing with the good stuff. It will set an amazing tone for the entire day and everyone will remember you for it every time they order that extra scoop.

10. Make a significant commitment. The most powerful days in my life have been the ones where I committed myself fully. The decision to marry the woman of my dreams and the decision to have a child stand out for me, but nearly equal are the moments when I first decided to open a company or pursue professional writing. Boldness reaps its own rewards. What extraordinary decision will you make today that will lead to your preferred future?

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