You've seen this type of danger before: You get caught up in a task, a project, a job, or even a relationship. Soon, it becomes obsessive and starts sucking all of your time. You keep telling yourself it's important and it will yield positive results, but deep inside you wonder if it will ever lead to success. You don't want to waste your time and energy, but you don't want to abandon the investment you have already made.

There are clear signs when it's time to cut your losses and move on, but you have to recognize them and then have the willpower to simply walk away. Though the second part is all you, I can certainly help you see the signs with this list below.

1. It's taking too much energy for the reward.

When you feel like you are putting out way more effort than any of the good strokes coming back, you may be looking at a futile prospect. Step away for a brief time to regain perspective. If it feels like it has no momentum of its own, it may very well be time to let it die on the vine.

2. You don't feel excited about the project.

Life is too short to live through dull mediocrity. Of course, not everything in life has to make you jump for joy, but you should have some inkling of interest to continue. Examine your inner feelings to see if there is any spark at all.

3. It darkens your mood.

Unless you enjoy the Goth world or you are a professional blues singer, you should strive for pleasant and upbeat. If your mood is dark and angry over the things you are doing, then it is time to stop. No one around you will benefit from nastiness, least of all you.

4. Nobody else seems to care.

The best things in life attract others to the cause. If no one wants to be around you and engage, then it's time to reassess how you are spending your time. Focus on things that bring others to your side in support.

5. It doesn't make you a better person.

You should invest yourself only in the things that make you a better you. Take a moment and assess your behavior. Do you like the person you are when engaged in this venture? If not, cut your ties and go be the best you can be.

6. No one supports your decision to continue.

Sure, this is your life and you can do what you want, but don't ignore the signs if others whom you trust are going out of your way to point out the dangers ahead. You may be a rebel, but that doesn't necessarily make you wise and all knowing.

7. Your health is suffering.

Your body is the linchpin of everything; without your health, you have nothing. If you find yourself diminished when engaged in this activity, take some time away and heal. Then you can assess from a healthy standpoint and decide whether it's worth the physical risk.

8. Your sanity is suffering.

There is absolutely no reason to suffer while your sanity is pulled apart. Whether it's by an overbearing or bullying person in your life, a situation in which you are not respected, or expectations that are highly unreasonable, it is probably not worth your peace of mind to keep going.

9. You spend more time complaining than excited.

Some people just like to whine. But constant complaining takes its toll on you and everyone around you. Take one week and make a mark on a piece of paper every time you complain about this activity. Also make a mark every time you feel positive. Compare at the end of the week and you will know what to do.

10. You think, "This is the best it will get."

Whenever you think that you can't do any better, you're wrong. No need to settle for what you have because you fear nothing better will come along. There is always a way to improve your means, even if it takes time and effort. Have some esteem for your skill set and keep the faith that you can and will do better.

11. You're embarrassed to tell people about it.

Unless you are with the CIA or are creating the next Facebook, you should be excited to share what's going on in your life. If you don't want to tell anyone about this activity because you are embarrassed, then it's time to stop living in shame. Be done and move on to endeavors of which you are proud.