Christmas is on the way and everyone has his or her own wish list. Great Employees share desires that most bosses should pay close attention to. Here's a list of the most important gifts that will make every employee feel good so they'll fondly remember this holiday season all year long. In fact these are gifts they deserve even when it's not the holiday season.

1. Security

Great employees don't want to feel like their livelihood is in jeopardy everyday. If they are given a clear understanding of what is expected of them, they will not only meet the standard but most often exceed it.

2. Appreciation

Great employees don't want to wonder whether or not they are appreciated. Good bosses should be proactive and vocal with their gratitude. Great employees are working for more than just a paycheck.

3. Culture by Design

Every company has a culture, but sadly it's usually by default. Great employees thrive in a culture that is predetermined and regularly enforced. Ironically a strong and intentional culture is what will attract great employees in the first place.

4. Committed Colleagues

If the surrounding team is half in, the performance of even great employees will be severely hampered. Great employees do exponentially better when working with equally great employees.

5. A Clear Value Proposition

If company executives can't clearly articulate what the company has to offer than even the best employees will flounder. Great employees will live and evangelize a value proposition if given clarity.

6. Realistic Goals

Goals are only useful if they can actually be completed. Great employees will work hard to meet a stretch goal if it has purpose and possibility. Arbitrary goals that are never hit will simply discourage top performers encouraging them only to seek better employment.

7. A Boss Who Listens

Bosses can be bossy and certainly they work hard to keep things moving, but with all that pushing and driving they can forget to get input from those in the trenches. Great employees are craving to be heard so they can improve situations.

8. Creative Stimulation

Great employees love new ideas. They love them even more when they occur in a collaborative way. You don't have to have art centers and Foosball tables to stimulate creativity. Books, videos and discussions can easily boost the creative spark.

9. The Right Tools For the Job

Even great employees get frustrated when they don't have what they need to do their job well. Why waste time forcing people to improvise when the ultimate goal is efficiency?

10. A Pleasant Work Environment

A hostile office with politics and back-biting will suck the performance out of any employee. Great employees crave and foster healthy communication so people can be relaxed and focus on their work.

11. Fun

A paycheck is not the primary motivator for great employees. They want to truly enjoy their activities on a daily basis. They are no afraid of hard work, quite the contrary. Working hard with people for a good purpose is exactly the fun they seek. As long as the company doesn't get in the way of progress they will revel in the productivity.

12. Acknowledgement

The best gift for any employee great or otherwise is to publicly acknowledge them as a worthwhile and valued person in the company. This should be done every day in every season.