Some days being a boss can be thankless and annoying. On the best days, a boss carries responsibility for the team's making sure everyone is performing at optimum levels with good morale. On the worst days, bosses have to find creative ways of motivating and problem solving even when decisions are counterintuitive or unpopular.

Many people desire or strive to be the boss, and yet many arrive in that position without much training on how to do the job well. Whether you are working toward being the boss or simply need to interact with one, you can gain appreciation for the best qualities of a boss by reviewing this list of what the most successful bosses always do.

1. They encourage.

A team needs to feel supported at all times. Really successful bosses know how to give employees that added boost and make them feel like they can get the job done.

2. They acknowledge.

 When people do a good job, they need to be recognized. They want to know that someone appreciates the job they do beside themselves. Really successful bosses are sure no good job goes unseen.

3. They empower.

Employees do their best work when they can take charge of the job. Really successful bosses give them the tools and direction necessary to take on any task and succeed.

4. They reflect.

Any boss can make a decision and they don’t always turn out to be good ones. Really successful bosses are thoughtful in their process, considering every angle and scenario before they act.

5. They accept.

Not everyone is capable of reaching their potential, and not every scenario can work favorably. Really successful bosses are pragmatic in their approach. They make the most of the hand they are dealt.

6. They coach.

Employees are happiest and most productive when they are learning and growing. Really successful bosses dedicate time and resources to help their employees develop into the company leaders of tomorrow.

7. They focus.

The bigger a company gets, the more distractions occur. Really successful bosses narrow the discussion and approach, keeping things on target toward the company objectives.

8. They enlighten.

Left to their own devices, teams can get sidetracked and lost in the weeds. Really successful bosses remain objective and open so they can show the team the big picture.

9. They motivate.

For many people work can feel like a grind particularly when they are deep into a tedious project. Really successful bosses help employees become energized when the work itself loses its spark.

10. They trust.

Without trust, a team becomes sour and self-serving. Really successful bosses know that trust begins with their behavior. They act consistently to set an example of reliability and then openly demonstrate the faith they have in their team.

11. They deliver.

Show me a well-liked boss whose team can't perform and I'll show you a loser heading for the chopping block. Really successful bosses will sacrifice their popularity when necessary to get the team to the finish line.

12. They contribute.

A leader needs respect to succeed and the boss who hangs in the office while the team does all the work deserves scorn and resentment, not respect. Really successful bosses dig in and play any role necessary to help the team win.

13. They listen.

A well-run team generates great ideas and deserves to be heard. Really successful bosses are active listeners, even when no one is actually speaking out loud.

14. They entertain.

Even the best team can get bored and deflated. Really successful bosses know when to perk up the team with a joke or story. They make work fun so people want to be there every day.

15. They strengthen.

A team is the exponential sum of all its parts. It needs to be properly cultivated to achieve its best. Really successful bosses carefully nurture the team and strengthen or replace those parts that can't contribute or are holding the team back.

16. They thank.

A great team will go above and beyond to make the department and the boss look good. Really successful bosses don’t let that performance go unappreciated. They show gratitude in personal and meaningful ways to every contributor.

17. They inspire.

Great performance comes from great desire. Really successful bosses understand this about people and consistently find ways to help people make every day a day worth getting up and giving their best.