If you have good product and figured out the right pricing you can get sales going pretty easily. But eventually sales plateau and you wonder why what worked before isn't growing you at the same rate. This is when you call in the sales guru--and there is none better than Jack Daly.

Daly, author of the best-selling Hyper Sales Growth, recently recorded an exclusive webinar series for the Gazelles Growth Institute. If you have never seen Daly in action it's like watching the child of Mick Jagger and Robin Williams. In this powerful and entertaining dose of Daly he reveals the secret for taking your sales off the plateau and into hyperspace.

You will want to watch the series to get the full impact of what Daly has to share, but here are the quick takeaways to get you started.

1. Build a playbook.

Daly noted that 98 out of 100 companies do not have a sales playbook. In fact he went as far as to say that many sales managers had no idea what exactly he was referring to when he asked to see their strategies and systems. "Sports teams are run better than most businesses," attested Daly. "There isn't a coach in the world that would consider putting their players on the field without a playbook, without a checklist, without the systems, without the processes that will enable those players to win more that they lose." Building a playbook is key to not only developing the overall direction of the company, but ultimately developing the habits of employees.

2. Don't try and grow sales, grow sales people.

Sales managers always place a tremendous emphasis on increasing sales. But the best way to achieve that goal is actually to have great people working together toward that goal. Daly says to focus on growing great sales people utilizing a playbook. Not only will that increase the overall output, but it makes you less dependent on individual rainmakers. "Do you know how many companies that we work with, if their top one or two sales people were to leave, it would be a death blow to the company," Daly revealed. "You never want the health of your organization to be dependent on one or two people."

3. Prioritize High Payoff Activities (HPA) in your calendar.

"No matter how good I am as a sales person, I have a limitation. Here's what it's called: hours of the day," attested Daly. Most managers are overloaded with work, limiting their abilities to grow the business at a steady pace. Daly's insists on prioritizing growth and development. "Throw away the 'To Do' list. Operate a calendar and fill it with High Payoff Activities," he revealed. "Budget your entire week with things that will scale your business in a hypergrowth way." He swears that prioritizing the right activities, regardless of where you are, will help you grow faster than you can imagine.