While 2016 is already well underway, few people realize that the Chinese Year is just getting started. Of course, this year is the Year of the Monkey and is one that can cause a great deal of people anxiety. The monkey is defined as flighty, unstable, and ever-changing. This will undoubtedly create great instability for many, demanding even more cautious decision-making to improve life throughout this cycle.

Feng shui master Pun-Yin knows quite a bit about how you can benefit during the Year of the Monkey. She was kind enough to share some key insights..

1. Develop Your Relationships With Loved Ones

Emotional stability is the key to overcoming the flighty year of the monkey. And what better source of stability than the family? Among Pun-Yin's major nuggets of wisdom is about nurturing the need to stay close to loved ones and family. "Build up the core energy by reducing excess social engagements," she advises. "Instead, invest time to strengthen the emotional bond with loved ones."

2. Focus on Your Home

Maintaining a stable and clean home life is essential to keeping your emotions calm and relaxed during this turbulent cycle. Master Pun-Yin notes that doing this in conjunction with family members is a great way to make connections and strengthen bonds. She also notes that staying home and avoiding excess travel is another way to maintain peace in the year of the Monkey. "Avoid or reduce activities containing a large crowd in order to avoid overcharging of emotions and cross contamination that compromises the immune system," adds Master Pun-Yin.

3. Become More Fiscally Responsible

Fiscal responsibility is something that eludes a lot of people and causes great emotional agitation; this could only get worse in the up-and-down year of the Monkey. Setting up strict fiscal guidelines at home are one way that Master Pun-Yin feels that emotional calm can be achieved. "This would reduce the stress level of the family/organizations from the overextending habit many entrapped themselves in," she advises.

4. Spend Time in the Natural World

The year of the monkey is filled with agitated emotions constantly running around which can whip your life into a frenzy. Spending time in nature is a sure-fire way to balance out this excess energy and take stock of the calm and beauty that permeates the universe. "Reduce traveling and explore the beauty of nature you could drive to leisurely, so you would be less affected by the disturbances that is widespread," she adds.