Video usage continues to grow, as evidenced by recent YouTube stats showing millions of new subscriptions happening each day. In fact, the number of daily subscriptions is up more than 4x since last year. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. That's almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year.  But with 100+ hours of video uploaded every minute, it's hard for your marketing video or channel to get noticed despite a focused marketing effort.

But there is a new approach allowing you to enlist the true YouTube mavens who have figured out how to get to the right audience. The fan-building experts at FanBridge recently created a super cool, free platform called Channel Pages designed to let you search other channels and leverage collaborative efforts to grow audiences together. Below are 5 tips from co-founders Spencer Richardson and Noah Dinkin on how to use the tool to more efficiently attract and convert new clients.

1. Forget Ads, Let Native YouTubers Build Engaging Stories

While you may believe you have a winning video concept, enlisting an established YouTube channel to create a video for you is a smarter (and faster) play. There is likely at least one YouTube channel that effectively connects with your target customer audience, and that channel already knows how to make content your target audience loves. Their viewers see it as engaging video content, not an ad. Plus, these channels are used to produce great video quickly, enabling you to get a video to market much faster and distributed directly into a place your audience is already primed to engage. Channel Pages enables you to see all kinds of statistics and demographics on an existing channel and their audience so you can find a worthy partner.

2. Build a Rapid Response Peer Review Army

Nothing gets people noticing new products, and sharing them around, better than peer reviews. However, nothing is more inauthentic than companies talking about their own products/services as if they were anonymous customers. You can use Channel Pages to find key influencers of your target audience to offer them free products in exchange for doing an authentic video review. You can use these everywhere and they will usually rank well in search results, too.

3. Channel-Source Your Content Testing

Think you know exactly what your target audience wants to watch? Guess what, you're probably wrong. Instead of spending enormous sums of money on focus groups, surveys, and other old school methods for informing your content strategy, identify 3-5 channels that are already attracting your target audiences. Collaborate with them to test drive some fresh video marketing ideas.

4. Share Distribution

Have an awesome video on your channel, but can't get traffic? Since a rising tide raises all boats, entice target consistent channels found on Channel Pages to distribute your videos into their playlists or even swap playlist integrations.  It's a great way to instantly expand the reach of your videos. Having other channels promote your videos is also a great way to increase the credibility and recall of your brand.

5. Think Beyond Video

The reach of video marketing isn't limited to YouTube, and neither should your strategy be. Many channels and creators were influencers on the web and social media before adopting YouTube, and even more that started on YouTube are quickly expanding their audiences everywhere--which means the potential opportunity for distribution of your videos is exponential. When you secure partners from Channel Pages for growth, discuss other ways to share and leverage resources.

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