Nothing ruins a good day at the office like a disaster at home, yours or somebody else’s. The little things at home can have big repercussions at work for you and your colleagues. Carrying burdens into the office will drag down productivity and kill an environment, plus reduce happiness at home, too. Creating space between home and work can help you become less stressed and more efficient.

Nearly everyone needs some help figuring out how to release homelife worries. Here are tips on how to keep your personal problems personal:

1. When You’re AT Home, BE Home

Many ambitious people take their work home with them. Even if their briefcase is only emotional, it still impacts the time they time they spend with family, unwinding, and living. So when you’re at home, be there. Don’t be a slave to email. Have a nice dinner, take a walk outside, talk to your partner. If you’re really present at home, you can stave off some personal problems that might otherwise follow you to work.

2. Invest in Your Relationships

A relationship that isn’t nurtured will wither. You invest your time, energy, and resources in your business, so you should do the same for your relationships. Take a genuinely-work-free vacation, even if you can only escape responsibility for a day or two. Invite your parents for a brief stay-cation of quality time. Invest in your personal relationships now. The dividends will come later, allowing you the flexibility to focus on work when you need to.

3. Have Another Outlet

You need more in your life than work from 9-5 and kids from 6-10. You must have an independent outlet. Maybe it’s exercise, a relaxing hobby, or some other pursuit. But make sure you carve out time that’s just for you. Keeping some independence and mental space via these activities will allow you to put in long work hours when required.

4. Establish Strong Boundaries

There are only 24 hours in a day. It’s ok to tell your family and friends that contact during certain hours is only for emergencies, or must adhere to a strict time limit. Setting - and sticking to - these boundaries will allow you to really be present when you do have personal time.

5. Accept Your Imperfections

Guess what? You’re not perfect, and you’re not going to ace your life-work balance. No doubt you’ll screw up, cross lines, hurt feelings, and miss deadlines. Prepare for it now and learn to forgive yourself. No one else has it all figured out, and neither will you. Enjoy the adventure!