Sometimes your world can seem completely off-track. Everything is moving frenetically around you and it feels tough to take control. The road to success seems like it is a constantly moving destination and throwing up roadblocks in your path.

Remember that you are responsible for your own experience. There are things you can do to make things good, right, and successful again, but you have to start with your own perspective. It’s not easy, but given the right approach and commitment, you can get things moving onwards and upwards in a positive light despite the changing world around you.

Here is my best approach for turning things around, and more insights from my Inc. colleagues.

1. Strip away the excess.

Often things feel overwhelming because in reality, they are. So simplify. When things are in constant change you need to be able to focus so you can recognize patterns and anomalies. This kind of brainpower can only be harnessed intentionally. Make a list of everything on your plate. Delegate or defer everything except the most critical issue at the time. Then focus all of your energy and attention on those issues until they are under control or resolved. You will feel stronger and more in control. Then you can add back the less important issues.

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2. Jump into something new.

The best way I've found to stay positive is to immediately get engaged in new projects. I usually have multiple writing projects in the works at any given time — including proposals for new books — and they don't always pan out. Losing a project can be very disappointing, especially after I have invested a lot of time and energy in it. This just motivates me all the more to seek out new potential projects, and to make sure I'm keeping my current clients happy. --The Leadership Guy

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3. Fast forward the negative movie reel in your head.

Tough transitions easily turn our thoughts to the disastrous results that certainly lie ahead, or so we believe. From the long ago death of my young husband to once facing the possibility of losing my home, looking ahead to a positive future always got me through. Self-fulfilling prophecies don't have to be negative, but if all you see is the downside you'll find yourself living in a cycle of unwelcome events. Fast forward that negative movie in your head to the endless possibilities and opportunities that this change may facilitate. Take a breather to absorb the shock and then get out there and create your win! --The Successful Soloist

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4. Find the lesson.

See setbacks and transitions for what they are – a lesson to help you move forward to something greater. Learning how to bounce back and stay positive is a difficult skill to learn, but one that is necessary to be a successful entrepreneur and to climb the corporate ladder. I explain several ways to bounce back from a business blunders here. In order to be successful with these techniques you must be patient, resilient, and persistent. Realize that bumps in the road are part of the journey and help define you as an entrepreneur. Transitions and setbacks are often the kick you need to move forward. Several of my most successful ventures were created on the heels of fantastic failures. --Lean Forward

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5. Focus on health and opportunity.

First, recognize that any big change can actually create trauma — and you need to focus on treating the trauma first. That means giving yourself a pass on other stresses and responsibilities to the maximum extent possible in the immediate aftermath. Next, focus on your health and stability. This is a stage that might take just a few days, or might take longer. Finally, recognize that upheaval like this almost always leads to new opportunities if you remain open to them and positive. --Action Required

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