Just when you thought the lazy days of summer were over, the cold starts to settle in and you just don't feel like doing anything. And still, there is work to be done. Laziness can creep in when you least expect it and disrupt your goals and your future. Left unattended, laziness can manifest in failure and even depression.

Don't let the lazy monster take over. Try these surefire tips for laziness eradication from my Inc. colleagues and me.

1. Bring on the fun.

The only thing that cures laziness for me is motivation. If I don't perceive my current activities as engaging, interesting and entertaining, I will avoid them at all cost. Rekindle the enjoyment in the tasks ahead of you. Connect them to your desired future. Involve friends you enjoy in the process. Find a better career that excites you each and every day. Life is too short to feel unmotivated.

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2. Don't fight it.

Sometimes the best thing to cure a spell of laziness is to go with the flow and to do something that's not even remotely related to work. I'll play some guitar, watch TV, go for a hike, head to the mall with my wife, and do anything I can to soak up those lazy feelings for all they're worth. After doing nothing for a little while, I'm usually recharged and ready to get back in the swing of things. --The Leadership Guy

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3. Change Your Environment.

On those lazy days, I do one of two things: honor that I need the rest, or take my laziness elsewhere. For me, remaining behind my desk when I'm unmotivated or sluggish is never the answer. If I'm sure I'm feeling lazy, rather than exhausted, I muster up every trace of energy and do something physical. It can be as simple as emptying the dishwasher or pulling a few weeds. The movement and change of environment prompts my mind wander and the creative juices begin to flow. When that happens I definitely get charged. Try it, it's good for at least three hours worth of gas in your tank. --The Successful Soloist

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4. Dress for success.

Lazy streaks are most likely to hit me when I work from home. To avoid being completely unproductive, I get up and get dressed as if I were going into the office or out to meet clients. It sets the tone for the day and jumpstarts my productivity. If my laziness is tied to distractions or a desire to ignore the task at hand, I head to my local Starbucks. A warm cup of coffee, background music and rambling conversations help me focus and stepping away can give me enough of a break to come back fully recharged and ready to tackle a project I am dreading. --Lean Forward

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5. Just do it.

Remember: If you don't work, you won't eat. Even if that's not true now, maybe it was true at some earlier point in your life. (And if it wasn't--well, there's no guarantee life will stay that way!) --Action Required

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Published on: Oct 7, 2015
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