For many, luck is defined as fortunate circumstances beyond their control. People hope to get lucky, or wish to change their luck when suffering misfortune. People often admire other people who are seemingly blessed with good luck, wishing they themselves could be so lucky. Of course usually they are missing the whole story. Hard-won challenges rarely reveal themselves in the wake of the successful appearance of others.

Aside from those few born into great wealth or stumbling into amazingly rare opportunities, most successful people create their own good luck. Without the use of leprechauns, potions, or amulets they push through powered by an opportunistic attitude and a strong work ethic. Try these 7 ways to collect a bit of Irish luck while avoiding the blarney altogether.

1. They define luck on their terms.

You might actually have a ton of good luck coming your way but if you don't recognize when good luck is upon you, it might just fly right by. Opportunities are all around and seemingly unlucky people needlessly waste time and resources chasing everything that smells good. Really lucky people have a reasonably well-formulated idea what they are looking for and don't get off the sofa for possibilities that don't fit with their intended destiny. They have committed criteria allowing them to filter out anything that smells of a dead end.

2. They are open to the world around.

If your nose is buried deep in your own business, it's hard to see in the periphery and good opportunities will be missed. Really lucky people are always alert and aware of what's happening beyond their field of view. The more they observe, the easier it is to take advantage of trends and patterns. What may look supremely smart may simply be an awareness advantage.

3. They have a sense of wonder.

People who assume the world is an unlucky place where the odds are favored against them are sure to experience life that way. Really lucky people start with a spirit of inquiry. They take little for granted and want to explore the possibilities even when they think they might actually have some of it figured out. They know there is always more to learn and they can't wait to find out what they have been missing.

4. They make room for the great things.

Super busy people miss great opportunities because they are well, too busy. Of course they are busy being inefficient or ineffective. Really lucky people make time and resources available for when the good stuff comes along. Efficiency and time management are priorities so they can take on new opportunities that have promise.

5. They make stuff happen.

Really lucky people do not sit around hoping that something good will come their way. They spend time generating activity. They call people, have meetings, and cultivate relationships. They learn all the time. They read... a lot. They explore new ideas and revisit old ones to discover new twists.

6. They take advantage of strength.

Opportunities explode when there is power behind them. The challenge with new ideas is they require energy to build momentum and weakness can suck energy quickly. Really lucky people know the best opportunities to pursue are the ones with energy built in. They look for opportunities that fit with their passion and skillsets. They are excited by people who have done much of the early stage work and then look to add value.

7. They never settle for mediocrity.

So many people confuse luck with betterment. Really lucky people won't accept taking something half way. When they engage in an opportunity, it needs to be something with the potential to be awesome. Then they give it everything they have to help the result meet its full potential. Other wise they pull the plug and put their energy into a better opportunity. May you be lucky enough to live the awesome experience.