OK, I admit it. I am lazy. I like to hang out with my dog on the sofa and veg out on binge watching. I find it easier to order in much of the time, and I love living in New York because everything I need is just a block or two away. That is of course if I don't simply have it delivered.

As a child you are taught that being lazy is bad. You should be busy and hardworking. Sure there is some virtue in an honest day's work, but wouldn't you much rather be enjoying the day doing the things you love to do rather than the things you have to do? If so you may be lazy too and believe it or not, being lazy has many advantages.

1. You'll find the most efficient way to do things.

If you are truly lazy you will want to spend as little time as possible working on tasks that are unfulfilling. You will apply your creative energy figuring out how to get stuff done quick and effectively so you don't have to go do it again.

2. You'll learn to delegate really well.

Why do something yourself that you can pass off to someone you trust. You won't even think about jumping in once you have instructed a reliable someone else to take responsibility.

3. You'll always consider alternative options.

As a lazy person you will always think of alternatives to the situations that require you to expend your energy. You'll have an open mind to trying something that may allow you to relax just a little more.

4. You won't waste energy on hopeless ventures.

You are not likely to give up your lazy time for something unless you have done your homework. Your downtime is valuable and you will want to be sure that no one will steal it for a crazy or poorly planned approach.

5. You'll learn how to recruit and motivate others.

You can't pass along hated tasks if there is no one around to whom you can pass them along. You'll become a regular Tom Sawyer finding ways to get people excited about the opportunity to tackle what you would consider work and do a damn fine job.

6. You'll raise the bar on the ideas of others.

You are not getting off the couch for any old scheme. The standard will be high for others to get you involved and you will force them to raise their game.

7. When you act, you will be well-rested and super motivated.

With all that relaxation time, you will be able to apply your very best when you finally take action. You will fully believe in what you are doing and will want to give it your all. Otherwise you will think, "Why bother?"