Some days I just seem to move faster than others. It could be my mood, the weather or, perhaps, the tequila shots from the night before. Whatever the reason, working slow seems to make me feel worse for the wear, and I just have to do something to pick up the pace. Coffee is always an option, but I really prefer to use natural means to accelerate. It helps me avoid the crash later on in the day.

Here are 7 of my favorite ways to pickup the tempo.

1. Narrow your focus.

Distraction is the thing that slows me down the most. It could be email or funny videos, but once I start down the path of distraction, the time just seems to slip away. Shut yourself away from the noise, and the contacts that are getting in your way. Find your center and power away.

2. Run around the block.

A little physical activity goes a long way to perk you up. You may think it will exhaust you, but actually, you will sit down with an energetic endorphin buzz. If it's cold out, you'll get that extra brisk pick me up.

3. Listen to 80s music.

Nothing sets the pulsing drive of productivity like Oingo Boingo, Devo or from the Bangles. This music will put you on a powerful pace and may help with the focus as well, since you'll probably put some distance between you and your coworkers if you are singing along.

4. Watch car chase scenes.

The Fast and Furious was designed to get your blood pumping. Just a few videos of cars swerving and crashing will ratchet up the feeling inside you and then you'll be looking to release that nervous energy as quick as possible.

5. Use an egg timer.

There must be something about 3 minute intervals that tunes in my mind to being productive. I don't like to clock watch minute by minute. I find the soothing nature of the sand visual calming while it constantly reminds me time is running out. Just set some 3-minute targets on your work and flip the thing over. You'll be amazed what you can accomplish in 3 minutes.

6. Set yourself a reward.

If I am slogging through an important project, I will often offer myself a treat. It might be a break or a particular meal I have wanted to try. I simply set a deadline and make a deal with myself. Of course, if I miss the deadline I won't treat myself. I like to play fair.

7. Race a colleague.

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. Set the challenge and do a little trash talking as well. Push each other to get things done and right. Set up an office pool and you can get productive and a little richer as well.