Like it or not, teams are a staple of the business world. There is a strong belief that groups of people working together can accomplish more than individuals on their own. Of course, the efficacy is wholly dependent on the quality and commitment of the players. Amazing team players can lift the performance of the entire group. If your teams seem lackluster, measure yourself against the qualities below and see if you can rise to the occasion

1. They focus more on the team than on the win.

Teams function best when moving in a coordinated fashion. If people work independently in a vacuum the productivity suffers. Amazing team players know the win is usually the by-product of the collective performance. Make group performance the priority so all can work at their best and most efficient.

2. No job is too small.

In theatre there is a saying: There are no small parts, just small actors. People who let their ego and need for accomplishment get in the way will hurt overall performance and lose respect for the team. Amazing team players take joy in their contribution to the whole no matter the size or scope. Find your primary joy in the journey and camaraderie.

3. They communicate openly and honestly.

Quiet politeness can kill a team quickly. Amazing team players know that constructive conflict is the only way to achieve peak performance and remove hazards before they derail the project. Work on telling the truth as much as possible without using blame or disrespect.

4. They share with others.

This is a basic kindergarten lesson: share. This includes time and resources, but also information on how something is done. Amazing team players take action for the good of the project and the team. Bring your resources to the table for all to benefit- and that includes information you may be selfishly holding back.

5. They stay positive.

Nothing kills team morale like negativity. Sure, times can get tough, but teams are often created to solve difficult problems. Amazing team players have a naturally positive attitude especially when the stakes are high. Worry less and solve more in order to guide the team through rough times.

6. They're on time and prepared.

Someone who is late is subconsciously telling others, "My time is more important than yours." Amazing team players know that punctuality and readiness communicates commitment and dependability. Show your team they are worth your consideration and effort by being ready and on schedule.

7. They adapt.

Any growing business big enough for teamwork is going to be abundant with change. Players may shift and goals may readjust, so amazing team players are ready for anything. They are disciplined and open-minded so they can adapt as necessary. Be flexible and diligent. Control the things you can control so you are more comfortable dealing with the things you can't.

8. They go above and beyond what is asked.

If everyone on a team simply does what they are told it isn't really much of a team, it's just a bunch of robots. Amazing team players use team meetings as stimulus to do outside thinking and action that will support the effort. Of course, they keep communication open along the way to preserve alignment. Take a proactive approach to moving the team along farther and faster. The best team players are leaders even when they are not in charge of the team.