Everyone wants to be successful, whatever that means for the individual. But so many people struggle with getting there. Often, it's because they don't have a clear definition of what success really is. In my journey, I have spent time with entrepreneurs, executives, and billionaires. While they are certainly as diverse in personality as are their versions of success, I have noticed similar attributes. Here are nine you may want to incorporate into your practice.

1. They Focus

So many people try to do too many things. Incredibly successful people have learned they need to focus on doing one or two things really well. Then they can leverage those skills to build something great. They can easily team up with others who have complimentary skills.

2. They Plan

There are many arguments in the entrepreneurial community about the merits of business plans. The mistake in thinking by those opposed to the idea is that a business plan is a hard and fast schematic for the business. The most successful people always have a plan as a preliminary structure from which they can deviate. The benefit comes not from the plan but rather from the process of planning.

3. They Delegate

It's difficult to obtain success without involving other people. There is little success that can be easily achieved by one person. Life and business are too complex today. Incredibly successful people constantly engage other talent to help make a vision reality. They master the art of deconstructing process in their brain and sharing it.

4. They Learn

I have yet to meet a successful person of any age who actually believes he or she knows everything. In fact, the most successful people I know strongly believe they know less than most others. They love to learn and are cognizant of how much knowledge is out there for them to explore. And so they do.

5. They Lead

The world needs followers. Without them, so much would never get done. And certainly a modicum of success can come to those who are not trailblazers. But incredibly successful people never sit back when they know the opportunity is theirs. They get out in front and bring worthy followers along for the journey.

6. They Respect

Incredibly successful people rarely look down on others. This is one of the factors that differentiates a successful person from just a rich one. Most incredibly successful people earn mutual respect based upon their behavior and the value they bring to society. They relax and enjoy their success by sharing with humanity.

7. They Evaluate

Many people take things at face value. They don't question or investigate. Incredibly successful people are naturally curious. They like to dig down into the details to understand how things work and why the world is the way it is. Then they can decide how to engage most effectively.

8. They Inspire

Just because someone is smart or wealthy doesn't mean others will want to emulate that person. Incredibly successful people create an aura with their activity that makes people look up and take notice. Their work is purposeful, righteous, and worthy.

9. They Thank

It takes a lot of support to create success. Incredibly successful people are mindful of showing appreciation sincerely and often to those who help them achieve success. It's not hard, the thought of leaving someone un-thanked never even enters their mind.