Some days are gloomier than others. You may wake up thinking the day is going to be great and then the clouds start to roll in. It may not even be a thunderstorm. Most people can function and take control in a crisis. But, it's those crappy misty clouds that just seem to drizzle on you with tiny nagging little droplets of gloom that can often throw you off course.

If you want to pick the day up, you are going to need some stimulus to warm your heart and bring in some sunshine. Here are 9 ways to get a quick pick-me-up without a ton of effort.

1. Count your blessings.

Everyone has something for which to be thankful. Take 5 minutes and make a quick list of all the great things in your life. Read through the list a few times and you'll feel better in no time.

2. Read some of your best work.

Remember that proposal that surprised everyone? Maybe you had a whitepaper that brought in clients by the droves. Grab your best piece of work and review it a few times. It's a good way to remind you what it's like to be at your best.

3. Call your best friend.

What I love about calling my closest friends is that somehow they know just what I need when I need it. It might be an atta-boy, a poor baby, or maybe even a kick in the rear, but somehow they always seem to have the right prescription.

4. Buy yourself something nice.

Yes, I am a strong proponent of rampant consumerism as a viable mood enhancer. You don't have to buy something expensive, but go shop a bit and find something that connects with you emotionally.

5. Meet somebody new.

New people bring possibility and excitement. Make a new connection through LinkedIn or go find someone in another part of the company you have never met. Who knows what you'll learn, and you might even gain a new friend or mentor.

6. Start a new project.

Nearly everyone has something they have always wanted to do but never found the time. This is as good of time as any. Pick something super interesting that you will learn and get excited about. You don't have to get super distracted, Just take a couple of steps to get it started.

7. Clean your desk.

There is something renewing in the process of organization. Clutter can be distracting and frustrating. A clean and orderly workspace feels easy somehow. And the best part is that you can feast on it for days as long as you don't make a new mess right away.

8. Watch some funny videos.

There is a reason YouTube gets so much traffic. It's fun. Type in "funny" and do a little surfing. 20 minutes later, after you have some laughs, you will forget what got you down in the first place.

9. Throw an impromptu mini party.

The benefit of working in an office is having other people around. Who knows, they may be feeling gloomy too. Head to the drugstore and get some streamers and balloons. Add in some cupcakes and celebrate "a very merry unbirthday". Watch the whole office light up. Just don't forget the tea.