We all know Mondays can be a downer. Even if you love what you do, it can be difficult to come off a relaxing weekend and get into the swing of things. It's not your fault. Mondays were set up to be the cultural bummer day long before you joined the working world. In fact, it's probably been that way since before you were born.

You don't have to let Mondays get in your way of an awesome week. Here are some simple suggestions that will take an ordinary blah Monday and make it extraordinary enough to boost your morale for the entire week. Try one every Monday and in a couple of months you may find it's the day you look forward to the most.

1. Get organized Sunday night.

Part of the reason Mondays seem difficult is the challenge of getting into the groove. Dedicate 30 minutes on Sunday night to organizing your Monday. Plan your clothes, tasks, and schedule. That way you'll sleep better and avoid a Monday-morning scramble.

2. Have breakfast or lunch with a good friend.

A great meal is a super pick-me-up, but great company makes it an absolute joy. I love starting my Mondays with an interesting encounter. I usually pick someone with lots of energy, or even better, someone who motivates me. It sets me up well for the whole week.

3. Read an inspiring article or two.

Of course, as a columnist I believe in the value of a great read. Whether it's a chapter from a classic motivator like Think and Grow Rich, or a compelling column, reading useful material kick-starts your brain and attitude better than caffeine.

4. Start with a workout.

If you have been saving your exercise for the end of the day, you may be missing out on the big endorphin rush that can make Monday happier. Plan your cardio for early Monday and watch your morale pick up the pace.

5. Say some powerful affirmations.

After a long, tiring weekend, you may forget why you have the position you have and what you can do with it. You didn't get in a great position totally by accident. You are worthy. Remind yourself to be that person and you'll feel solid to begin the week.

6. Start an exciting project.

The best part about Monday is that it represents a beginning. Use that notion to your advantage by teeing off that program you've been thinking about. You have the whole week to make progress.

7. Crank up the music.

If your mood isn't quite up to the task of being energetic, use music that makes you want to move. Once your body is shaking to the beat, even if only in the car, your brain and heart will start to get in the groove as well.

8. Say a little prayer.

I understand that not everyone finds peace and happiness from the spiritual beyond, but there are plenty of us who do. Why take on all the weight yourself of creating a good life. If you are a believer of any denomination, summon the energy around you to raise your spirits, and serve happily for the whole week.

9. Plan a great weekend.

If the fun and accomplishment of your Monday through Friday aren't enough to motivate and inspire you Monday morning, than try using next weekend as the impetus to boost your morale. Plan for an amazing upcoming weekend as a reward for making this week your happiest and most productive.