Facebook is in a tizzy since the FTC announced it was investigating the tech giant’s use of personal user data. This is bad news for a company already facing a series of related criticisms, including the dissemination of fake news and the influence of Russian entities on the 2016 presidential election.

As if those weren’t enough, here are even more reasons why you should erase your Facebook account stat:

1. It’s Sucking Away Your Time

Be honest - how many hours a day do you spend on Facebook? CEO Mark Zuckerberg proudly announced that recent changes have led to a decrease of worldwide time spent on Facebook of 50 million hours every day. It may sound huge, but it’s actually only a 5% drop.

2. It’s Narrowing Your View

There have been several studies that suggest Facebook creates an echo chamber of what you already believe. Some blame Facebook’s algorithms, while others blame user engagement choices. Either way, you’re hearing only what you want to hear. But civil society requires an exchange of ideas.

3. They Make Money Off You, Without Compensating You

Facebook and its shareholders are doing very well making money off you. But you won’t see a dime of it unless you pony up around $160+ for a share of stock - and that’s after the data scandal erased around $50 billion in the company’s value.

4. It’s Self-Indulgent

Facebook and other social media platforms are creating a world of narcissists who need to take and post a picture of themselves doing even the most mundane things. There is something off-putting about this need to post a high volume of self-centered content.

5. You Risk Your Reputation

The Internet bell cannot be un-rung, so ring at your own risk. The pictures from your 30th birthday party are hilarious - until your potential employer finds them and then chooses the other candidate.

6. People Don’t Care What You’re Doing as Much as You Think

Sorry, but they don’t. Your awesome new kicks are not as exciting to your high school friends as you think they should be. Think about the number of times you’ve asked yourself, “Why did they post that? I don’t care.” Well, they say the same thing about you!