The holidays are a wonderful time to remember what's most critical in life. There are a great number of lessons to be learned, from the importance of giving to the power of faith. Really, Christmas and Chanukah have a great deal in common, too. They're celebrations of family and spirituality. It's almost like Christianity and Judaism have a common past!

In fact, the two holidays have some important lessons to teach about business. It's easy to get lost in the commercialism of the holiday season. The stories behind the holidays and the religious lessons they teach have important value for everyday life. But they also have important application in the business world.

Here's what Christmas and Chanukah have to teach about business:

1.     Celebrate the power of community.

Whether Christian or Jewish, family and community are a central focus of the holidays. Christmas celebrates a couple that welcomes a new member in the humblest of circumstances, someone who would go on to lead a new community of followers. 

Chanukah celebrates the power of people to rise up under oppression, and it celebrates the cleansing of the Temple, where Jews come together to praise God and celebrate together.

2.     Remember that anything is possible.

Both Christmas and Chanukah are a celebration of hope. Christmas celebrates the birth of an otherwise average man, an itinerant preacher, poor enough to be born in a barn, who started a movement that would change the face of the earth.

Chanukah, meanwhile, celebrates that the oil needed to cleanse the Temple, which was enough only to last one day, in fact lasted eight days. Even in darkness, there is light. Faith is powerful.

3.     Forge your own path.

Christmas is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus, whom they believe to be the Son of God. Jesus' teachings and his followers began a new path different from the Judaism of their past. It took courage to divert so boldly from everything they knew.

Chanukah is about revolution! When Antiochus looted the Second Temple and outlawed Judaism, the Jews rose up against him, refusing to be subjugated in such a way. In your own business, remember to blaze the trail that works for you, and don't allow yourself to be dominated by others.