This Saturday is Crossword Puzzle Day - appropriate, since Saturday is the day with the most difficult crossword puzzle of the week. Some office leaders think that crossword puzzles are just a distraction from productivity. They fear employees are wasting time completing them, quickly switching windows on their computer screens whenever the boss walks by. 

Surely there are some employees who waste time doing crossword puzzle and surfing the internet. But there are worse ways they could be spending time. In reality, there are a great deal of good things that can result from regularly doing crossword puzzles. In fact, you could even make a teambuilding and bonding exercise out of crossword puzzles, like a lunchtime speed test or a month-long completion challenge.

Have a good time with it, and see how morale and efficiency improve. Here's why you should promote crossword puzzles in your office:

1.     Knowledge

Doing crossword puzzles is a great way to expand your understanding of the world. Whether it's improving your vocabulary (or your spelling!), learning the capitals of every island nation in the Pacific, or digging deep into the recesses of your memory to recall the star of your favorite teen chick flick, your trivia skill will multiply exponentially.

2.     Problem Solving 

Puzzles are a great way to improve your problem solving skills. Crossword puzzles are a unique type of puzzle where you can use your knowledge, spelling ability, process of elimination, and more to figure out what the clue is referring to. All the skills you develop and refine while doing crossword puzzles are skills you can then exercise in your job, making the company more efficient and keeping customers happier. 

3.     Brain Exercise 

One of the best things about crossword puzzles is how good they are for your mind. Exercising your brain is just as important for your health as exercising any muscle, and puzzles are an excellent way of doing that. Crossword puzzles in particular help establish and renew connections in the brain, which make it easier to access and use the information that's in there. And if you really want to boost the brain exercise and problem solving juice, solve the crossword puzzles collaboratively with your colleagues!

4.     Fun 

Last but not least, crossword puzzles are fun! It's an enjoyable way to keep your mind active and sharp, and there's a real sense of satisfaction when you complete one. They're a good way to pause during a hectic day while keeping your brain engaged. Crossword puzzles are also an opportunity for building camaraderie and healthy competition among colleagues. It's important to keep the office a relaxed place where creativity is celebrated and everyone can have a good time. Why not learn something at the same time?!